Patch 8.40 Arrives In Fortnite

Today, Epic Games introduced the Fortnite Update 8.40. The patch will available after the current downtime. Meanwhile, the developer has released the patch notes which include all new features and changes. Players of Battle Royale can look forward to two new time-limited modes, Food Fight–Deep Fried and “Air Royale”. The developer has also introduced new variants of the infantry rifle. Fortnite Update 8.40 also includes new content for Creative Mode. We have all the highlights from the changelog.

After the update and the downtime, you will be able to try out the contents of the new patch. To bridge the waiting period, the developers have released the patch notes. The list of new weekly challenges will also be out this week.

Air Royale Mode

In the Battle Royale players will be able to access the new time-limited “Air Royale” game mode. Here you climb into the X-4 Stormwing and fight with other players to be among the last pilots. The Air Royale is a duos only mode. You can spawn infinite time untils all the Strom wings are used up. Players who touch the ground are eliminated immediately. Repair kits for the X- 4 can picked up during flight.

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Food Fight Mode

The Fortnite Patch 8.40 also includes the limited-time mode “Food Fight–Deep Fried”. This mode included two teams, which spawn on the opposite side of the map. The teams are separated by a barrier in the middle and Lava will come out of it after a fixed time. To protect your restaurant mascot, each team has to build a fortress. As soon as the barrier lowers, you will will by destroying the other mascots and then eliminate all remaining enemies to win the match.

Weapon Changes

In Battle Royale there is also news regarding the in-game weapons. Just in time for Easter, the egg-thrower comes back into the game, which is a visual modification to the grenade launcher. In addition, there are new rarities for the infantry rifle, with epic and legendary variants. The Epic variant deals 42 damage while the latter deals 44. Fortnite Update 8.40 also contains lots of bug fixes and optimizations. For example, a bug was detected due to which the player were unable to ping the coconuts. It is fixed now along with some visual settings.

Creative Mode Changes

Creative Mode players discover the explosive device, Ordines after Fortnite Update 8.40. If this item received damage during a game, it will explode and deal damage to nearby objects and players. A maximum of 100 explosive devices may be placed on each island. The epic and legendary variants of the infantry rifle are also introduced in the creative mode.

Players can also witness personalized changes to the islands. In the Creative Center, the portals of featured islands will be now used as entrances to the games. These portals will now display the name of the creator of each island. There are also optimizations for creative tools, ready-made objects and gameplay. For example, an issue where players’ characters looked in the wrong direction at the beginning of a game was also resolved in the update.

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