Patch 9.30 is now live on Fortnite main client

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Epic Games has now released the patch notes for the Fortnite Content Update 9.30. In this article, we summarize the details of the changes. The rumors about a new item have been confirmed: air strikes have come into play in Battle Royale. There are also changes to LTMs, new creative mode galleries, and a new weapon in Save the World. Here are the highlights from the Fortnite Content Update 9.30:

The air strike grenade first emits colored smoke, which initiates a rocket hail. As soon as the smoke stops, rocket fire starts after a short delay. The missiles spawn about 120 meters above the smoke grenade. Within nine yards, the missiles target random points.

Missile Statistics

In total, there are 20 missiles fired in an air strike. The blast radius of each rocket is 3.5 meters. This causes 75 damage to players and 200 damage to buildings. You’ll find the airstrike item on the floor; in chests, llamas, and supplies; and at vending machines. This latest update also includes alternate LTMs, such as High-explosive, Creepy Mufflers, Classic Teams, Pure Gold, and As Fast As Lightning!

News for Save the World & Creative Mode

Creative Mode players will also discover a variety of new features after the patch. These include a new car park, a snow and mud floor, a grass and sand floor gallery, and a lava floor gallery. Rounding out the update is also new content for Save the World. The patch marks the arrival of “Double Trouble,” a new war game simulation, into standard play.

There are new event tickets, a new player banner, and a greater variety of daily war game challenges. In addition, the de-atomizer 9000 has been added to the weekly shop. This shoots an exploding energy projectile, which splits into 15 mini projectiles, which in turn fly in all directions. The item is available from the 11th to the 18th of July.

Streamer found guilty

Meanwhile, on the streaming side of things, Australian streamer Luke MrDeadMoth Munday confessed in court to attacking his pregnant girlfriend because she distracted him from playing Fortnite. The sentencing will be announced on August 26th.

According to the court, the incident was due to Munday’s passion for playing Fortnite. He spent his days streaming, on one of which his girlfriend called him to dinner several times. MrDeadMoth did not interrupt the broadcast, and the girlfriend threw an object at him. This provoked aggression from the Fortnite player. Munday hit her in the face and pushed her to the floor. This happened live on stream, but was not directly in frame. The audience heard only the cries and sounds of blows and a fall.

The incident occurred in Sydney in December 2018. Initially, the police arrested not only Mandeya, but also his girlfriend; later, the charges against her were dropped.

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