Poison Darts & Fruits Arrive In Fortnite

Epic Games released the patch notes for Fortnite Update 8.20 including all changes and improvements. The update goes online after the current downtime. The patch includes, for example, the new limited-time game mode Floor is Lava and the poison dart trap for the Battle Royale. The developer has also added bananas, coconuts, and peppers as new instant items. What’s changing with the Fortnite Update 8.20 and what’s new for the creative mode to be expected, you’ll find in the article. We keep the highlights from the patch notes together.

Fortnite new costume

Credits: Epic Games

After the current Fortnite server downtime, the update 8.20 is available. The developers of Epic Games have published the complete patch notes with all changes and innovations. In Battle Royale, the limited-time mode is waiting for you. The floor is lava, as can be guessed from the name it is a time mode in which the lava gradually starts from the lower part of the map until eventually covering the whole.

The lava will begin to rise after a couple of minutes in the game and will move at a constant speed. By touching it, players will lose health and be thrown into the air. It will be possible to build over it and you will receive a small number of extra materials every second. The materials and item will be useful when the map will be entirely covered with lava.

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Kugler & Darts

In addition, there are a lot of changes in the weapons and items in the update. Thus, the Kugler no longer causes damage in a collision with players. The knock-out effect, however, remains unchanged. The next update, 8.30, also introduces a change that allows opposing players to shoot through the Kugler’s glass.

Fortnite New Update

Credits: Epic Games

New to Fortnite Battle Royale, poison dart traps come into play. You can find them in unusual frequency and place them on walls, floors, and ceilings. The traps fire poisoned arrows over a distance of three horizontal tiles. Targets hit by poison arrows suffer damage over time that is directly inflicted on the condition and bypasses shields. The traps cause ten conditioning damage per tick; a total of eight ticks over seven seconds will result in 80 total damage.

Fortnite Poison Darts

Credits: Epic Games

Fruit Salad

There are bananas that restore condition when using five points. The new coconuts, on the other hand, restore five health over a short period of time. Peppers, on the other hand, immediately heal five stamina and increase movement speed by 20 percent for ten seconds. There are also changes to the infantry rifle. This works now with hitscan. The weapon does not shoot more projectiles, but fires like the assault rifles.

Adjustments are also waiting for you at the pirate cannons. For example, the collision has been optimized so that you can take the driver’s seat behind the cannon at any time without having to push it away. The patch also includes bugfixes for the user interface, audio, gameplay, and mobile devices.

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