The Potential Winners Of LoL MSI 2019

The hype for LoL MSI 2019 is real. We have top teams from all around the world on the main stage. Let’s have a look at the top two contenders for the MSI title.

Invictus Gaming

It is quite evident that Invictus Gaming is the most popular and strongest contender of the Mid Season Invitational. The side performed exceptionally in the group stage. In the 10 games played, there is not denying that is some the LPL champions had their fair share of troubles. Yet the team continued to execute its aggressive style of play. The team finished at first place with 9 victories and 1 defeat. It should be noted that they were defeat on the last day of the first phase.

IG has built a solid reputation by comprehensively dominated their opponents from the first minutes of the games. The side is not afraid to take on fights that won’t favor them yet they still somehow manage to come out on top. Their execution of skills is absolutely flawless at times and it was evident in their victory against G2, where is the dyeing moments of the game the got an ace in a 4v5 team fight.

The strongest team of MSI

Another thing that we admired about the side is the ability of their each player to carry the game. Each single lane of the team was capable of winning the entire game against teams like SK Telecom T1. The korean side was beaten in 16 minutes by the Chinese in the first leg. Yet they got their redemption against the reigning champions on the final day of the first stage.

Despite this defeat, we and the community is totally convinced that Invictus Gaming is the best team in the world. They might have been beaten once, yet it is highly unlikely that it will happen again in the best of five series. They have the opportunity to match the record of winning all the domestic and international trophies in single year bet by SKT back in the day.

SK Telecom T1

Unlike IG, SK Telecom TI had a difficult start to the competition. The team was comprehensively beaten by IG in the early days, while the EU side G2 also managed to get the best of them, Then afterwards, they outplayed each side in the first half of the group stage. At the start of the second phase, the side again lost to the G2 team. Yet this was their only defeat, since they got back to their feat by being the only team in the competition to beat the 2018 world champions.

LCK’s Redemption

Their road to the playoffs serves as the redemption of the LCK in an international competition. Since, last year it was quite shocking to see that not even a single international competition was won by the Korean region. The poor performance was capped at Worlds, where none of the LCK teams qualified for the finals of the Worlds. Since the competition was played on their home soil. We really hope that the LCK and SKT find its way back to title victories this year.

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