PlayerUnknown’s betting tips and guide

How to be successful in PUBG betting? We give valuable tips on how to best place your bets.

PUBG betting compare odds

Esports has been extremely fast-paced since the inception of the industry. Some of the games that laid down the foundation of the eSports era play little to no even subordinate role today, such as the real-time strategy genre, with games like Warcraft 3 or StarCraft, the latter of which was once among the most popular games in the entirety of eSports. Over time, new games or even entire genres were added, which previously =no one would have predicted, such as the genre of extremely popular MOBA games. One of the latest titles in this evolving space, which is pushing hard into eSports, is the multiplayer shooter PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). PUBG betting has also become increasingly popular.

What is PUBG?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an online multiplayer game of the Battle Royale type that was released in 2017. In this action game, you will be one of the 100 players on an island ─ without any type of equipment (clothes, weapons, first aid kit). In addition to this, you can join forces with other players, creating a team of 2 to 4 players. One of the characteristics of this game is that the map will be reduced as time goes by, so you will have to look for weapons, materials, other equipment and eliminate every player that crosses your path. The goal is to be the last player or the last team to survive on the island. What appears to be an adaptation of video games from ‘The Hunger Games’ is one of the biggest hits in Battle Royale video games. The game was designed by the famous developer in the video game industry ─ Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene. He is also known for his collaboration in other successful games, especially for his own mod in Arma 2 (“DayZ: Battle Royale”).


Although PUBG sounds like a ruthless carnage, one of the best ways to win the game is to proceed strategically. If you risk too much and are always in sight on the battlefield, you will be no more than an easy target and you will be the victim of other players. If you only hide to survive, you will lose the opportunity to obtain good weapons. Keep in mind that the map is reduced every so often that it makes impossible to hide forever, but at some point, you will have to face your enemies.

Bloom in the market

In a young eSports game like PUBG, it was evident that there were not as many tournaments as the big competitors that have been on the market for many years. But it’s amazing that there are already some big competitions that attract the eSports community. Also, the number of tournaments in which PUBG is played has grown rapidly in 2018. When PUBG hit the market in 2017, expectations were not very high. Although there had been some promising previews, no one would have expected that the million mark would be broken in the sales figure within a year. In South Korea, PUBG became a hit in just a few weeks and then all major markets worldwide were conquered.

Serious competitor

PUBG has quickly become a serious competitor to established games such as CS: GO. The most important reason for this is that the game has a high quality. The competition where it all started was the PUBG invitational tournament at Gamescom 2017 in Cologne, where for the first time, players from all over the world competed in a major PUBG tournament. At this event, 92 players took part, who determined the winner in four days. An exciting detail on the sidelines: In China alone, the ratings in the top range for live streaming were 5.6 million viewers.

In 2018, PUBG organized The PUBG Europe League and the National PUBG League where some of the major eSports franchises announced dedicated PUBG teams: Na’Vi, Virtus.Pro and so many more.

Which PUBG bets are offered by bookmakers?

PUBG is a young eSports discipline, so there are not many tournaments and therefore not many betting options. But there are quite a few bookmakers offering eSports bets on PUBG. Typically, betting options provided are those that you may already know from other shooter games like CS:GO. In tournaments, for example, it is possible to bet on the tournament winner. In individual rounds, you can bet on the winner of a map. We can also make handicap bets. Sometimes it is also possible to bet on the finals. The total number of map wins is also an interesting betting option for PUBG bets. For more conservative approaches, there is often the “Win at least one map” tip. Depending on the level of the tournament, there are multiple betting markets

PUBG does not have as many betting options as football or any other traditional sports. But compared to other eSports disciplines, PUBG is just as difficult to master strategically. It is possible to implement interesting bets. In the future, there will be many more ways to place PUBG bets. If the number of tournaments continues to increase, it may well be that in the near future the fans of PUBG have as many betting opportunities as the fans of CS: GO and other major eSports games. But currently, PUBG is more of a secret for ambitious eSports fans who do not always want the same type of games.

PUBG Betting Offers

Esports is currently only a side objective for many bookmakers. But there is one important detail that many newcomers overlook: Almost all sportsbook providers allow their customers to use bonus offers with PUBG bets and other eSport bets as well. This is especially interesting for the big betting providers, who not only have the most interesting betting offers, but also the most lucrative bonus offers.

The Bookmakers


Bet365 is the undisputed king of bookmakers. The UK based betting franchise was able to foresee the success of the PUBG title before its competitors, as it happens to offer PUBG bet every now and then. Previously due to the comparatively few events, sometime PUBG bets were not available at bet365. But we assume that in 2019, bet365 will host a large number of betting markets on all major PUBG tournaments. In any case, you should have a closer look at the large eSport portfolio. At bet365, there is an attractive bonus offer for new customers, which is also ideal for PUBG bets. If you do not have an account with bet365, you should definitely take a closer look at this highly trusted provider.


Bet-at-home is not only one of the best-known and most popular sportsbook providers in Europe, but all across the globe. Esports already has a high priority at bet-at-home, so this bookmaker is recommended for fans of this young eSports. The number of PUBG bets is good. In our experience, all relevant PUBG events are offered in the sportsbook portfolio. We also expect PUBG to continue to grow, and accordingly, the portfolio for this young eSports discipline at bet-at-home will increase. New customers should not miss the lucrative bet-at-home bonus, which is perfectly suitable for PUBG bets.

PUBG is a new game and this is clear in the betting market. There are currently not many bookmakers offering PUBG. In addition, there are not many PUBG events until a few months in 2019, so it is not even possible to constantly offer bets on PUBG. But we have found some great bookmakers offering PUBG bets when matching events take place. PUBG is a great computer game that has become a real hit in no time. The conditions are good that PUBG will become one of the most popular eSports games within the next few years. There is currently plenty of room for development, especially in the field of eSports betting. If you enjoy this game and want to use your expertise, you’ll find some great opportunities to bet on PUBG events. With PUBG the bookmakers are very hard-working, and also give tips on a regular basis. Though the play is still very young. This is a good sign and it is expected that even smaller bookmakers will follow suit in the future.

PUBG 2019 Pro Circuit

The developer of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, PUBG Corp. has announced that it will economically support the competitive scene of its battle royale. Specifically, PUBG Corp. will allocate 25 percent of these revenues to increase the prizes of the already announced tournaments, so the final amount could be even higher than expected. As already announced, the game will have personalized clothes from the teams of both competitions, but now users can feel better when acquiring them.

Without any doubt, the initiative carried out by PUBG Corp. can only be welcomed with open arms, as a way to encourage the entire community. The tournaments that have been announced in 2019 are:

  • Asia Pacific Predator League 2019
  • National PUBG League: Contenders
  • JAPAN SERIES Season 2 – Grade 2: Phase 1
  • Korea Contenders 2019 PUBG Korea Contenders 2019 – Phase 1
  • PUBG Development League 2019 – Spring
  • PUBG Contenders League – Phase 1

So, we can expect some huge betting markets coming our way.


With PUBG, it is currently a bit more difficult than good tips to give in other established eSports games. However, that will change with the growing number of tournaments. The more statistics you have, the easier it is to judge how good a player or team is. Even now, there is already the opportunity to realistically assess the top players and the top teams. But with games like Dota 2, which have been among the big names for many years, it’s much easier to find good tips based on comprehensive statistics. However, this should not discourage anyone from placing PUBG bets, as the uncertainty also creates an additional stimulus.

Even for the bookmakers, it is currently difficult to give PUBG correct odds. Anyone who deals extensively with the topic and becomes an expert can gain a real advantage in one or another bet. Basically, it is always worth comparing the odds before placing a bet. There are currently not many bookmakers offering PUBG bets in the program. But even with the few offers, it is worthwhile to make a quota comparison. This is at least helpful when it comes to meaningfully estimate of the quality of a quota.

If you are interested in PUBG, you should look at the numerous Livestream offers at bookmakers and eSports stations on the net. In this way, you will not only get to know the game, but also the best players and teams. Basically, PUBG is just like football or tennis a sport in which the best competes. If you have experience with other eSports games, you will find it very easy to get started. If you’re a newcomer to eSports, we recommend you get started with the big eSports games first.

PUBG Betting FAQ

How to bet on PUBG?

Betting on PUBG is very simple. After creating an account you just place a bet. compares the best odds for you to get most out of your bets.

Can I bet on PUBG with mobile phone?

Yes. The betting sites we recommend you can after creating an account place a bets with mobile phones as well.

How to deposit funds on my PUBG betting account?

On the top of the betting site you can register and create an account. After you have logged in you can top up your players account with funds. Betting sites accepts the most common ways to pay in internet such as PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Visa, MasterCard, Webmoney, Qiwi, Paysafecard, EcoPayz and most places accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero and other used coins.