PUBG - How to Crouch Jump?

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Crouch is one of the features of the game, which helps the player to jump across the various windows. But players cannot crouch through all the windows; they can only crouch through big windows, which are rectangular in shape. The main of the players in this game is to survive not to kills their enemies’ and crouch helps them a lot to get tremendous surviving skills. There are various things that a player needs to learn so that they can defeat their enemies by surviving in the game.

As you all know that PUBG is one of the most famous games of the time, and each and every person wants to play it. Most people don’t have knowledge about how to play this game, but still, they want to play it. It includes various features that help the player to get multiple rewards and benefits in the game.  Along with the crouch, feature players have a vault feature, which allows jumping across the various walls.

PUBG - How to Crouch Jump

If you want to know the various steps which can help you to learn how to crouch jump, then you can consider this article. It will help you to know the multiple aspects of the game.

Steps to crouch Jump

  • First, you need to move towards the window and sand still in front of the window at a very close distance. It will help you to get the right position set when you plan to crouch and jump through the window.
  • Then you have to jump high enough that the head of the player will touch the upper wall, or he can stand over the window. It can help the player to get in a ready position, after which he can easily crouch and escape from the building in which he is locked.
  • Next, you have to crouch so t5hatyou can easily get fit into the window and move forward in the straight direction. It will help you to move out of the window safely without getting injured or any harm.

You should remember to execute the above steps much faster then it explained above because as fast you move as more you can safely crouch and jump. You have to click the forward-moving key, which is usually W and keeps on moving the payer in the forward direction so that he can easily couch through the window.

These steps can help you to have proper safety while jumping because it looks easy to crouch, but it’s not that easy. You should always take care of your character in the game so that he can remain for the long term in the game and defeat the other players. You need to learn all the necessary aspects so that you can run the character in the game easily with various benefits.


The points mentioned above are some of the crucial steps which can help you to know about how to crouch through windows. Crouch plays a significant role in PUBG because all game is based on surviving skills, jumping, vaulting, and crouching.

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