PUBG - How to Jump through Windows?

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As you all know that PUBG is a fighting game, but the main aim of the players is to survive instead of killing someone. There are various necessary aspects, and a player needs to do that; otherwise, he will not be able to survive. There is a map in this game which helps to navigate you so that you can find your way to get a safe survival. If you run faster according to the map, then you will be able to jump through the windows quicker.

PUBG - How to Jump through Windows

Jumping plays a significant role in PUBG, which enables you to have more time in the game and helps you to escape from any of the buildings. It is very important for a PUBG player to know the steps to jump from windows as it is the main thing which player needs to focus on. There are various keys available in the game, which helps you to get multiple benefits while playing.

If you want to learn more about the jumping steps, then you can consider this article. It will help you to get more knowledge about various aspects of the game.

Steps to Jump

  • Jumping through the window is not as easy as you think because it needs a lot of practice before applying it. Even if you watch various videos, you still won’t be able to learn how to jump until you practice it yourself.
  • The first thing you need to know is that you can’t jump from all the windows present in the game. Different windows have various shapes and sizes, and you need to remember that you can only jump through big windows. You won’t be able to jump through small windows you can only jump through rectangular shaped windows.
  • After finding the right window, you have to set your position according to the widows so that you won’t get hurt.
  • Then you have to steps some steps back ad run towards the window; it will help you to make a proper speed for jump.
  • Next, you have to hit crouch and jump with Space and C key together when you come close to the window after running from some distance.
  • But always remember that when you need to jump and crouch. And also at how much distance and how far you should be from the window.
  • You should always practice before you go for a jump or anything else that you are going to perform the first time.
  • If you jump from a large distance, then there are chances of getting hurt or hitting up with the wall and get some injuries.
  • It is important to jump from the right place and at the right time so that you won’t get hurt and any injury while jumping.


The points mentioned above are the best to help you out to know about how to jump through windows. You can consider these steps whenever you want to have some knowledge about jumping in PUBG.

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