PUBG- How to use Scope

PUBG- How to use Scope?

While playing PUBG, you can use the PUBG aiming guide, which explains on improving your aims while using the scope at a longer range or even on the down sights. Without also aiming at the targets, you can still get chicken dinner anytime soon. Sometimes PUBG doesn’t have a deathmatch server, so you don’t need any aiming shots, but you can still improve your aims. You can practice aiming using a scope while practising shots with a wide variety of guns. So if you have better-aiming shots using the scope, then you can increase your FPS and can master the PUBG game.

PUBG- How to use Scope

Players unknown battleground is a popular game, and several players are playing who are released simultaneously they have weapons like guns and attack their opposite team and win the chicken dinner. The scope can be used while aiming at the opposite team. PUBG is a typical shooter; basically it allows you to survive and concentrate on more and more kills. You can also win PUBG without even killing a single person. The foremost strategy for a beginner should be combat which is a great practice. There are several tips and tricks in PUBG while using the scope to improve your aiming.

Steps to using a scope

  • You can watch the first session of wacky Jacky 101 video which will allow you to make 4x scope’s range finder and how to target from a distance. There are some different shooting ranges which can be utilised by using the scope.
  • If it is 100m that is the tip of the chevron if it is 200m that is the bottom of the chevron if it is 300m then it is top-of-the-line if it is 400m, 500m, 600m that is the first notch, second notch and third notch respectively.
  • First of all, you need to calculate the distance from how far the target is when you are basically under pressure. This can be only done when you play more and more and to practice accordingly.
  • When a person is 100 metres away from you, then shoot the position just ahead of him. You have to keep in mind two imaginary people if your opponents are 200 metres away.
  • You need to adjust your bullet correctly then only try to shoot slightly. You need to look for the velocities of the bullets as there are different kinds of velocities in different guns.
  • If you know the velocity then it will work well for the long-range weapons but, you just need to do some adjusting here to launch those shots.
  • Practice can help you to get nicer shots and also will help you to aim better while using a scope.

Final Verdict

The scope can be used while aiming at the opposite team. There are several tips and tricks while using a scope to improve you’re aiming. So if you have better-aiming shots using the scope, then you can increase your FPS and can master the PUBG game.

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