PUBG Labs: Here’s What You Need To Know About This New Feature

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a really popular battle royale title. In fact, it is considered as one of the top three titles in its category, alongside Fortnite and Apex Legends. In order to improve their game, the developers release various updates for it from time to time through which they introduce some new changes and add new features.


PUBG has a Test Server where the developers introduce new content so that players can try it out and report any bugs or flaws that they see. This is something that helps the developer with ensuring that the final version of the update is free of any issues. Once they are sure, they release it on the live servers. However, it seems like they are thinking about improving this as they have added some new to the live servers.

The Labs

Recently, in the patch notes of Update 5.2, the developers have revealed a new feature called Labs coming soon to PUBG. These Labs are almost the same as the Test Servers, as they will be used to test new content, features, and modes, something which you’ll be able to select from the menu. However, unlike the Test Server, the Labs will help the developers receive instant feedback.

What They Will Feature

The Labs are basically going to feature content that is currently in development. Not only this, but the developers are also going to introduce features in it that are in their early stages. According to the devs, it is going to be a place where they can experiment in new settings and features outside the typical development cycle. Some of the content will be far down the development road, but it will let players know what the developers are doing before the design is final.

First Experiment

The first experiment players can participate in the Labs is going to be Skill-Based Ratings. This is where hardcore players will get the chance to prove their worth while climbing the ranked ladder. If you don’t want to participate in the experiment, you can still try it out with your friends.


The Skill-Based Ratings is going to work exactly like the ranked mode of Apex Legends. Players will basically lose and earn Ranked Points depending on how they perform during a match. You will have to first complete five placement matches before you get placed in a tier, and there are going to be a total of six tiers. In addition to this, all three modes, Solo, Duo, and Squad are going to have their own Skill-Based Rating.

In any case, it is great to see that the developers have introduced something like the Labs so that they can further improve their game. This will help them with deciding which content they should add first and which content needs to be improved. You can expect to see some exciting experiments in the future, so make sure to visit the Labs from time to time. And for those wondering, Labs are not going to replace the Test Server.

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