PUBG Making Much Needed Gambles?

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This March 19, Apex Legends announced the first season of their game with a Battle Pass and an unpublished legend. The same day, the developers of PUBG published a letter specifying that Erangel’s loot was going to be balanced. It may be an advantage for PUBG, but the date has not been the best to announce something like this. Since your competitors are not stopping to introduce new content.

The reality is that the industry is experiencing particularly fierce competition in the Battle Royale with Fortnite, Apex Legends, PUBG, Blackout and a long list that could include Paladins, Royal Royale and Ring of Elysium. The successful ones are currently disputing a market of millions of players and income. Something that PUBG seems not interested in anymore.

PUBG map

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PUBG seeing the bigger picture?

It sounds paradoxical that the same day that Apex Legends officially announces its season 1 of new content. PUBG publishes a very detailed official note in which it talks about the road that started two years ago. In that time Erangel for many was the ” first Battle Royale map “ of many community members. Of course, all the efforts of Brendan Greene cannot fall into oblivion. However, today the game is not even in the shadow of its past success.

Criticism towards Apex Legends was starting to shift since many players were asking for new content. It seems necessary to point out that the Battle Royale of Respawn has been on the market for a month and a half. Respawn published the title with a huge map and eight very different characters.

PUBG Battle Royale

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Loyal Fans

This problem does not seem to break the most faithful of PUBG where its audience is still playing in hundreds of thousands. Although PUBG remains a game that hasn’t introduced new content in months, with this latest move, perhaps the South Korean company is sinning of certain conformism and immobilism.

Of course, the PUBG community has responded quite well to the new implementation. Much better than a part of the players of Apex Legends regarding season 1. Perhaps the Battle Royale closest to the simulation is a kind of unicorn within the genre: oblivious to the extreme need of incessant content where the ammunition cartridges are burned fast and if one does not give the community what they ask the developer leaves the competition.

PUBG Gambles

Credits: GQ India

PUBG going good?

PUBG does not seem worried about its rivals. PC statistics show that it continues to stay above 400,000 players. This allows it to be comfortably placed in the fight for being Steam’s most played game. While it is true that it is appreciated that not everyone is carried away by the debauchery of the digital Diogenes to collect things and receive rewards all the time.

PUBG has the possibilities of being a game that could be exploited in many different ways. Only time and perspective will tell whether it will rise or remain content with its current fanbase.

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