PUBG: Players Won't Need Real Life Currency To Unlock Crates Anymore

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the top battle royale games out there. In fact, it is the game that’s made battle royale titles much more popular. Shortly after the game was released, other studios started following the concept and created their own games. The game features many things and players are able to customize their characters using different cosmetic items. These cosmetic items can be either directly purchased through the in-game store or through crates.


Although the developers introduced crates in the game to help players gather various cosmetic items, players still weren’t happy with them. The reason behind this was that some crates were unlocked, while some had to be unlocked by using a key. And that they would cost around $2.50. This means that they had to spend real-life money to unlock a crate without even knowing what was inside of it. However, this is soon going to change as the developers have finally decided to listen to the community.

New Crates System

Recently, in a developer letter, PUBG Crop announced that crates will no longer real-life currency in order to get unlocked. The developers are going to release an update on December 18, and through it, they are going to take away this system. Instead of real-life money, players will be able to unlock the crates using the in-game currency called BP. For those who don’t know, BP can be earned by completing various tasks and missions, something which is not that difficult.


Once this happens, players will get the chance to gather more cosmetic items than before. Earlier, only some players were willing to spend some money on buying a key, while others would just ignore the crate. Most of the players were just relying on the free crates they received, and they rarely featured some high-end items. However, now that the game will allow you to unlock the crates using BP, you can expect your inventory to grow for sure.

Previous System

Prior to this, PUBG Crop has made various changes to the system of crates in the game. They even decided to increase the chances of receiving an unlocked crate instead of a locked one because of various complaints. However, this still didn’t solve the issue entirely as most players were still bothered by the locked crates. In the letter, the developers claimed that the value of locked crates is very low compared to other items present in PUBG. This basically means that they are not appealing rewards to players, and hence cannot provide them an enjoyable experience.

The developers have confirmed that more preferred skins are now going to appear in lower tiers, while AR category skins will be available in both top and bottom tiers. Although paid weapon skins will remain, players will be able to unlock the creates earned through gameplay by using BP. The developers also added that they won’t want to focus on a revenue model that fails to satisfy the fans.

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