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How to Check Ping in PUBG?

Check Ping in PUBG

Ping is basically a feature in the game, which helps to check the internet excess of the game. There are different modes in the game in which ping describes the speed of the internet. Different colors express the speed of the ping, such as green shows excellent internet excess, yellow …


How to Win in PUBG?

Win in PUBG

PUBG is one of the most famous games of the time, which is played by a large number of populations. Every player who plays this game wants to know the secret about how to win this game. One thing which every player needs to know is that this game is …


PUBG – How to Crouch Jump?

PUBG - How to Crouch Jump

Crouch is one of the features of the game, which helps the player to jump across the various windows. But players cannot crouch through all the windows; they can only crouch through big windows, which are rectangular in shape. The main of the players in this game is to survive …


How to Hack PUBG Mobile?

hack pubg mobile

PUBG stands for the Player Unknown Battle Ground, which one of the most famous games of today’s time. Most of the people try to have this game already winning various rewards, and that can only be possible by hacking it. You can hack this game in two types because for …


How to Play PUBG Test Servers?

Play PUBG Test Servers

PUBG is a multiplayer game with various features and twists, which helps the players to have multiple experiences. Test servers are basically a process in which players first test the various servers of the game and then start playing the game. It helps the players to get rid of multiple …


PUBG – How to Play?

PUBG - How to Play

PUBG is one of the most famous games of the time, which helps the players to get various fighting experiences in real. It has made lots of players crazy about it and helps them to experience multiple features with high quality. Most of the players want to play his game …


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