PUBG updates players with The Walking Dead characters, weapons and vehicles

PUBG updates players with The Walking Dead characters, weapons and vehicles

From 1st October onwards PUBG has supplied its player base with something amazing. They have updated the game with new additions from the series ‘The Walking Dead’ so now the players can play as characters and use the weapons and drive the vehicles from the famous AMC production showing an apocalyptic world full of zombies and drama.

From now onwards, players can play as the famous characters and venture into the battlefield to combat their foes. There are several characters that you can play such as the famous legendary villain Negan and be as intimidating as you want. There are also limited-edition weapons, vehicles, and skins that have been included in the game for Daryl Dixon, Rick Grimes, Negan and Michonne. There are also additions like Michonne’s Katana, Daryl’s motorcycle, and Negan’s barb wired bat Lucille.

PUBG mobile players will have the opportunity to battle it out and win ‘The Walking Dead’ skins and items through in-game challenges or purchase them in-game.

The deal is primarily targeted to promote the premiere the Season 10 of The Walking Dead on Sunday, the 6th of October, on AMC. The collaboration is between PUBG and AMC and Tencent games which owns a stake in the publisher of PUBG ‘Bluehole’.

Player Unknown Battlegrounds Mobile has been the game of mobile gamers everywhere as the game provides an amazing Battlefield-esque playground with the third-person angle to drive its competitive edge. The mobile version of PUBG has been more popular than its PC version as the game has this flourishing player base as last year there had been 400 million downloads and an average 50 million active players for the game. Every match sets out with 100 players parachuted into a battleground for a free-for-all bloodbath. The scenery and the structure of the game is highly similar to any COD game we have seen in the past but the camera angles and graphics are considerably different.

These collaborations are normal for PUBG as there have been similar in the past for the heavily influential game, AMC’s Walking Dead collaboration is one of the new campaigns that they have ventured into. In the past we have seen PUBG Mobile collaborate with famous ‘Resident Evil 2’ and ‘Godzilla: King of Monsters’. The promotion by AMC definitely also helps PUBG by bringing new players into the game who would be told through word-of-mouth about the game. This paves the way for increased downloads.

“The Walking Dead,” based on the comic book series written by Robert Kirkman and published by Image Comics, tells the story of the months and years after a zombie apocalypse and follows a group of survivors who travel in search of a safe and secure home. The AMC series is executive produced by chief content officer Scott M. Gimple, showrunner Angela Kang, Robert Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd, Dave Alpert, Greg Nicotero, Joseph Incaprera and Denise Huth.

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