Rainbow Six Siege: Important Information About Year 5 Pass Leaked

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Rainbow Six Siege fans are always hungry for new content. Since the past few weeks, they have been looking forward to seeing what the game’s Year 5 pass is going to feature. While they have been waiting for something official, it seems like important information about it has already been leaked. The leaked information has revealed some interesting details, and some players might not be happy to know about it.

New Operators

To begin with, players will be surely disappointed after knowing that the Year 5 pass is going to feature only six operators. For those who don’t know, the developers have always introduced eight operators with every pass, and this is the first time they have reduced the number. This is also giving birth to many speculations that we might get to see another Operation Health season, but this time with fewer operators. However, it can also be that the developers are following the same thing they are doing with maps.

If Ubisoft follows the same approach as the maps, then this surely means two fewer operators and two old operators. Recently, the developers have been focusing more on fixing and recreating operators that are broken such as Tachanka, Blackbeard, and Castle. Some players have been asking the developers to introduce new operators, while others want them to fix the old ones.

What Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Pass Will Feature

Coming to the main thing, the Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 pass is going to provide players with a VIP Premium Membership. This membership will give them access to the six operators, exclusive customization items, 10% off on the in-game shop, a 5% renown boost, 0.3% Alpha Pack Boost, 30% off the Battle Pass, and 30% Battle Points bonus. This means that the upcoming pass is going to feature some exciting new content that players have been looking forward to seeing.


At the moment, we don’t know what the price of Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 pass is going to be. And considering there is no information about the price, we cannot say for sure whether the developers are going to launch it with a big price tag or not. For those who don’t know, Ubisoft has always found new ways to make money out of their game. in fact, this even made them a target of criticism. There were complaints regarding the monetization that Ubisoft cannot keep their game running in good condition with stable servers.

There is also not a lot of information regarding the six operators that will be introduced with the Year 5 pass. However, the leak has given us a look at two of them. The operator on the right side resembles Dom that was in Gears of War, while the left side operator looks similar to a Mortal Kombat character. Other than this, there is no information about their abilities or other characters. But it will be exciting to see which new operators are going to become available for use.

As for the release date, the bottom of the leaked image claims that the one-year VIP membership will end on Jan 31, 2021, meaning that the Year 5 pass will be released at the end of this month.

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