RAMZEs signs for Evil Geniuses


One of the most shocking roster changes took place on 16th September. Roman “RAMZEs” Kushnaryov transferred from Virtus.pro to Evil Geniuses. The Russian will be playing as an offlaner at EG instead of his signature carry role.

RAMZEs has been the captain and drafter for Virtus.pro since September 2018. At the Adrenaline Cyber ​​League 2019, Kushnaryov was forced to play as an offlaner. Since 9pasha missed the tournament, and RAMZEs was only the decent choice. This temporary role worked out well for VP as they won the tournament. Previously, Roman played as a carry for: ScaryFaceZ, CIS REJECTS, Team Spirit, Team Empire and VP.

Potential communications problems

The signing of RAMZes to EG brings up a lot of questions in mind. One of the questions is: Will EG have communication problems? Since Arteezy, Fly and Cr1t have been playing together for a long time and have already established communication. With that it might turn out to be quite difficult to include a newcomer to the workflow, especially if he has no history of speaking proper English.

RAMZEs has almost no experience with English during his professional career. All his life he played in Russian teams, and we hardly see him speaking another language. The one time he gave an interview was at the TI8 and that was not very convincing. If a player hardly speaks well during an interview, then in the heat of a professional match he might be completely lost for words.

Focus on the game

Now let’s move to the positive side of this roster change. After taking the captains armband in VP, RAMZEs continued to win tournaments. However, many began to criticize his individual skills: As the community believe that RAMZEs ceased to be the formidable carry that he previously was before taking the leader role. 

In EG and in a new position, Kushnaryov will be able to go back to his roots. Since the Russian will no longer have to manage teammates it is unlikely that Fly, the current EG captain, will ask the newcomer for help since he’s always been a leader. Meanwhile, the responsibility to “carry games” will now lie more on Arteezy and Abed.

EG wants to win

The new EG changes are perhaps the organization’s most ambitious project in recent years. The team gathered star players, each of whom is at the peak of his career. However, fitting everyone on the map and making this combination work is not an easy task that rests on Fly. 

On paper, the roster really looks strong. For example, Vladimir “Maelstorm” Kuzminov has already said that this team is capable of winning everything but we all know that the team needs to prove itself on the battlefield.

With Virtus.pro, Kushnaryov twice took 5-6th place in The International. At TI9 VP ended the competition at 9-12th place meanwhile Evil Geniuses secured a 5th place finish in the tournament after getting eliminated by the runner-ups of the tournament, Team Liquid.

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