Opinion: How Ranking system Can Actually Work In Battle Royale Genre

The battle royale genre is struggling with an ever-increasing skill gap between its players. Now, the player demand dedicated a matchmaking system.

Let’s have a comprehensive look into the problems in the genre because of the lack of a dedicated ranking system:

  • Battle royales like Fortnite and Apex Legends are struggling with an ever-increasing skill gap between its players.
  • Especially for newcomers and casuals, it is hard to keep up with more experienced players.
  • Some are now demanding a skill-based matchmaking system to solve the problem.

Problems between the skill gap

A game for everyone: In the first few months after release, that was exactly what Fortnite: Battle Royale was all about. Thus, the entry for most players was relatively easy at the beginning and the colorful, cartoon-like graphics were particularly well received by the younger audience.

Fortnite: Battle Royale
Credits: Epic Games

Publishing the title on all major platforms and the ability to cross-play further facilitated access to the game and contributed to the popularity of Fortnite.

Meanwhile, Apex Legends also did a great job at the start since it managed to beat Fortnite on the famous streaming platform, Twitch. It was unique since it was considered as a hybrid between the battle royale and MOBA genre owing to the skills and abilities of the characters. Yet the title failed to keep up with the pace of Epic Game’s title owing to the lack of content and not having a dedicated matchmaking system did help them. Yet it still managed to attract tons of players and faced the same criticism as Fortnite.

The skill gap between battle royale players becomes a problem

However, some time has passed since the first release of Fortnite and Apex Legends. The gameplay of the former has become much more complex with the introduction of new weapons and items. Meanwhile, Apex has got a fair share of bugs to take care of.

Fortnite and Apex Legends
Credits: Respawn Entertainment

Increasingly, the skill gap between the players of both title is clearly noticeable. Neither Fortnite nor Apex have skill-based matchmaking. Newcomers may, therefore, play against players who are much more experienced than themselves. Even professional players like Ninja admit that Fortnite games have become more difficult than ever before.

The result: Especially newbies and casuals have a hard time remaining competitive. Of course, you could just shrug your shoulders and say, “its just a game”. But when you have an event like the World Cup taking place then nothing should be taken for granted by the community.

Could skill-based matchmaking solve the problem?

Meanwhile, more and more players are of the opinion that skill-based matchmaking, similar to Overwatch, could solve the problem. Newcomers and casuals would benefit from such a kind of matchmaking. Instead of being completely destroyed in matches, they could gradually improve their abilities. The community will be happy by the environment of the game and the chances of players abandoning Fortnite and Apex in frustration would be smaller.

skill-based matchmaking
Credits: Respawn Entertainment

However, the suggestion is by no means an easy job to be successfully implemented, Some people say that luck plays an important role in Battle Royale games. For example, if a newbie finds a good weapon right from the start, it can be a problem even for the most experienced players.

Many also worry about the potentially huge load times that such a system could bring. Because in Fortnite 100 players compete against each other. In Apex their are a total of sixty players in groups of three. The system would have to find and put together in a reasonable time 100 players who have a similar skill level. In Apex, the system could only get worse. Apart from finding just sixty players, you will have to pair them together. It seems like an impossible task.

The problems

Lack of respect for the genre

A few months ago, Epic released the Arena mode as the online qualifiers of the upcoming World Cup, since its release the mode has had its fair share of criticism. In the first few hours of its release the streamers, the pro players and even the celebrities criticized about the change in the regular gameplay. Since Epic nerfed most of the features to please the entire community.

After that, the pro players had to wait for long hours to find the games since only a handful of people matched the skill bracket. If that wasn’t bad enough, then Epic had to ban over 800 players over cheating charges. Since in almost every qualifying round there are tons of players found guilty. It includes: giving free kills to their friends and helping them wrongly qualify for the World Cup. Meanwhile, some players have been caught using wall hacks to gain an unfair advantage over the other participants. Most of the pro players were involved in the mentioned acts. It just shows how difficult it is to implement a ranking system in a battle royale title.

The unsuccessful fight against bugs

The developer of Fortnite removed vehicles from the game. They did so owning to complain about bugs from the community. The game also has it fair shair of bugs in the other objects of the game.

Fortnite removed vehicles
Credits: Epic Games

Speaking of bugs, the developers of Apex are yet to introduce a matchmaking system. The game currently seems like in a beta version since there are tons of issue, with sound and game mechanics. The battle royale titles first need to fix their games. Since you hardly see these problems in other eSports titles like LoL, Dota 2, and CS: GO.

We are not discussing these problems to hate on the battle royale genre. We are simply addressing what the organizations need to fix for the genre to flourish. All of us would love to see the developers overcoming these issues in the future and open the gates for the Battle Royale to contribute to the success of the eSports industry.

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