Respawn Addresses Apex Legends' Latest PC Performance Issues

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Respawn Entertainment recently released the much-awaited December 3 update for their battle royale title, Apex Legends. However, the update was only released for the PC version, while it was seemingly delayed for the consoles. At first, many players were confused about why the patch has arrived first on the PC and is yet to arrive on the consoles, but now everyone has their answer.

Apex Legends Latest Patch Issues

Right after the patch went live, many people started facing various issues on the PC version. In fact, most claimed that they are encountering PC performance issues. According to them, their fps was getting dropped constantly right after the update went live. In addition to this, some players also started claiming that their game crashes as soon as they select “Firing Range.” Before even pressing on the launch button, the game crashes and gives an error.

As a lot of players were complaining about this issue, Respawn quickly decided to take action. At first, they announced that the patch will be delayed for the consoles. In addition to this, they released a small patch that addressed the PC performance issues. The official Twitter account of Apex posted that a patch to fix the performance issues is now live on PC. They also confirmed that consoles need a bit more time, and they will provide a release date for it whenever they can.

Players were confused when the patch was delayed for the consoles. They were trying to find out the issue which prevented Respawn from releasing it for the PS4 and Xbox One versions. But after they released it for the PC, everyone learned about the performance issues. This could be the very reason why it was delayed. However, now that the issue has been fixed on PC, the developers will shift their attention towards releasing the update for consoles as soon as possible. Players will most likely get to see it next Tuesday.

Respawn Had To Work All Night

Respawn also claimed that they had to do a lot of work in order to fix the PC performance issue as quickly as possible. Apex’s game director Chad Grenier claimed that the issue forced the developers to pull an all-nighter. In other words, they had to work day and night in order to fix the issues. At the moment, no one is complaining about performance issues anymore. However, some are still facing issues with the firing range.

Apex Legends

One thing to keep in mind here is that this isn’t the first time such issues have appeared in Apex Legends. In fact, that game is filled with a lot of issues since it was released back in February. Although Respawn has tried their best to fix them, they just can’t fix them all. Everyone thought that the problem of bugs and glitches might end in season 3, but that didn’t happen as players discover new bugs every week. Still, the developers are working really hard and they might manage to overcome this problem one day.

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