Respawn Is Increasing Apex Legends' Level Cap to 500


Just like other multiplayer online games out there, Apex Legends allows players to level up. And as they level up, they earn various rewards and badges. At the moment, players are able to only reach level 100, something which annoyed many players. But now, things are going to change as the developers have decided to increase the level cap of their battle royale title.

Apex Legends Level Cap Will Increase To 500

Recently, Respawn Entertainment confirmed that a major update for Apex Legends scheduled to go live on December 3. The update is going to introduce various changes and improvements to the game. One of the changes is going to be the level cap. After the update, players will be able to level up past 100. That’s right, the devs have confirmed that the new level cap is going to be 500.

The developers are also making some other changes to the level cap system. They are going to reduce the amount of XP required to level up to 100 by five percent. This is something that will help new players level up much faster so that they can unlock rewards more quickly.

Now that the level cap has been increased, players are going to earn more rewards. As the level cap is now 500, there are going to be an addition 154 Apex Packs until you reach the final level. There are going to be one pack at every level between levels 2 and 20, one pack every two levels between levels 22 and 300, and one pack every five levels between levels 305 and 500. Prior to this, players were rewarded with only 49 packs in the first 100 levels. But now, after the change, players will get rewarded with 59 packs within the same number of levels.

14 Free Apex Packs

The level cap change will go live with the new update. The most interesting thing about it is that once it goes live, players are going to get rewarded with the Apex Packs they would’ve gotten under this new system. This means that if you are at level 100, then you are going to get rewarded with 14 new Apex Packs once the update goes live. So after the update, you have 14 free updates just waiting for you in your inventory.

Apex Legends

New Badges and Gun Charms

Respawn has also decided to make some changes to the badges. Players are going to get rewarded with a new badge at every 10 levels after they have reached level 110. This will allow them to showcase their accounts’ progression in an enhanced way. In addition to this, the devs have also decided to reward players with a Player Level Gun Charm at every 100 player levels. This is being done to reward them for their endless efforts.

Finally, players will be excited to know that the update is going to introduce 36 new Gun Charms to Apex Packs. These charms will be available only in Epic and Legendary tiers, and they are going to feature mini versions of different things, including legends. So if you’re a fan of gun charms, then you have a lot to look forward to.


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