Riot Games Planning Longer Games With LoL Patch 9.2

After a few months of crazy metaplay that has made China rise with the title of League of Legends World Champion, now young South Korean teams like Griffin are rising as emperors in the LCK once dominated by Faker and company. The ninth season of the game arrived this week, and the LoL Patch 9.2 could end this high tempo.

Riot Games is changing the metagame with the new update of League of Legends. It is doing so by pointing to a couple of sensitive points. It may be an adjustment in the opposite direction to the strike rate of the turrets introduced at the end of November. But perhaps this will further extend the viability of other champions in the metagame.

Baron Nashor Nerfed

In the past year, winning a League of Legends game didn’t take much time. However, with adjustments such as the rewards for streak and farm in the new season, Riot is trying to push the games late. It was not uncommon at a difference of a few thousand gold around the 20th minute to get a very early Baron Nashor. It was the key element in the subsequent siege and would lead to a 22 minute in victory.


Credits: Riot Games

In this LoL 9.2 patch, Riot has made the progression of the statistics. Now, it generates the advantage of this neutral objectives go from being linear with time to exponential. In other words, the growth accelerates with the time elapsed. Before the new patch, if your team finish Baron in the first 20 minutes of the game, then you would get 24 Attack Damage, 40 Ability Power, and 70% resistance against enemies. But now those numbers have dropped to 12, 20, and 50%, respectively.

The above-mentioned difference might be the one to overtake the previous model. It may also very well push the games as late as half an hour. It reflect that the Nashor will not close as many games as before. In addition, the armor and magic resistance of the nexus and inhibitor towers increased by 15 points between minutes 31 and 45 starting. Therefore, the sieges will be somewhat more difficult.

LoL patch 9.2 – A disaster for junglers?

Since in May of last year, a much more important role was granted to the champions that go through the neutral camps of the Summoner Rift. The role of the jungle was rivaling that of the solo lane for being the most experienced champion in the game.

LoL Patch 9.2

Credits: Riot Games

The neutral camps provided a great amount of resources. Moreover, the champions used in that role greatly enhanced the tempo of the games. However, everything changed with the LoL 9.2 patch. The experience given by each of the camps is now reduced by lowering the progression factor of the neutral monsters. Small camps fall from 50% to 25%, large ones from 57% to another 25%, and Rift Scuttler from 100% to 80%.

So, now the junglers will have to get their ganks right in the initial stages. Another scenario could be; spend more time farming to get the same level of farm as they did in the previous patch.

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