Riot Games teases a new League of Legends champion

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A few weeks after the arrival of Magical Cat, Yuumi, The developers of League of Legends recently revealed a new champion. The teaser of the champion, was posted on the official YouTube channel of LoL. Riot hints the arrival of the new champion, who goes by the name on Qiyana. The video gives us an idea about the how she look like, how she sounds like and the shape of her weapon. She holds the title of “Empress of the Elements,” this gives us a decent idea about her in-game abilities.

The anatomy of the champion

The weapon of the teased champion seems quite interesting since it look like a hybrid of Diana’s Crescent Blade and Sivir’s Ricochet. The weapon also hold three crystals of colours green, red and blue, representing the three elements. Looking at the roadmap set by developer earlier in 2019. We believe that she is the next AD assassin of the game. The trailer doesn’t reveal much about her abilities but seeing her weapon, she might very well be a melee champion.

It is also safe to assume that her release will introduce new elements to the lore of League of Legends. There are hints of a new region, since in the description of the video the developer talks about the community of Ixaocan. This faction is yet to be mentioned in the lore so this makes it easy to believe that we are getting exciting content in the lore. The people of Ixaocan might look to Qiyana as goddess. She hails from the jungles of the Runeterra and could use the elements of the Rift to cast her abilities.

An unexpected release

Qiyana’s teaser is a big surprise for the community since the support Yuumi recently arrived in the game. We also believe that there was a possible delay in the reworks of Kayle and Morgana since the developers mentioned bugs in the skins of the champions. Owing to this reason, the release of Yuumi was pushed late, in order to bring things back on schedule, we are getting Qiyana.

The developer is yet to reveal the release date of the champion, but we might get it in a few weeks. Riot will first release the new Mordekaiser in the next update. So Qiyaan will arrive after him. After we get the Empress of the Elements, we can expect two new champions updates/additions to arrive in the game before the end of 2019. The update include rework of Patheon which was confirmed by the developer in April. After that we will get a new ADC champion.

This release just ensures that Riot has big plans for League of Legends in the future. The reworks and arrival of new champions ensures that the game will remain updated in the years to come. We can’t wait for the spotlight of Qiyana in the next weeks

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