Riot Welcomes A New Champion - Yuumi

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A New champion is all set to make its entry into the Summoner’s Rift. On April 30, The kitty Yuumi will arrive in the PBE test servers. This kitten is classified as a support champion. Riot Games believes that this champion will be quite popular amongst the beginners of the game. The unique characteristic of the champion is that it can itself with the teammates. It will be able to prove shield, heald them and deal damage to the opponents at the same time. Let’s have a comprehensive look into the champion.

Origin of Yuumi

Yuumi is life in the hometown of the Yordles, Bandópolis. She is a magical cat of a witch named Norra and holds the Book of Portals. Yuumi gets the book after Norra mysteriously disappears and now seeks to find her owners. Yuumi finds her way to the Summoner’s Rift and provides help her team. She is a really great addition to the lore and we are anxious to see how Riot will connect her with the rest of the champions.

Skills and ultimate

Yuumi is capable of both healing herself and her allies on the battlefield. Her Passive “Bop ‘n’ Block” grants her shield and restores mana. If she is linked to an ally then they also get the shield. It has no duration and lasts until it is broken by an enemy attack. This grants you incredible lane control in the early game.

First Ability

Its Q ability, “Prowling Projectile” shoots a missile that deals magical damage to the first target it hits. If the missile covers a good distance that it deals additional damages and slows down the target. If you use the ability when linked to your ally then you can control the missile with your mouse.

Second Ability

The W, “You and Me!” has a passive and an active effect. The active part allows her to link with its ally. When link to a teammate, Yummi cannot be targeted by the enemies. Her abilities are projected through her allies and she cannot attack.

Third Ability

The E ability, “Zoomies” is the best ability for lane sustainability. It not only heald the allies but also grants movement speed. It has two charges so it works exceptionally well in all stage of the game.

The Ultimate

The ultimate ability, “Final Chapter, roots and deals damage to the targets. Yuumi opens her and shoots waves. The opponents caught in multiple waves will get rooted while others will only get damage. The best thing about the ability is that it does not require channeling. The champion is able to move deal damage and heal her allies.

Yuumi’s arrival came after a leak from YouTube. A Riot Channel uploaded a tutorial showcasing the abilities if the champion. The video was removed after a few minutes but the community was able to take a couple of screenshots. Currently, the champion will be available from 30 April on PBE. We believe that it will arrive at the main client after the MSI.

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