Shroud Reveals Why He Loves the New Apex Legends Map

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Apex Legends season 3 surely left everyone surprised after it introduced a brand-new map to the game. Although the new map, called “World’s Edge,” was leaked by data miners prior to season 3, most fans were still unaware of it. And now, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, who is considered as one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, recently revealed why he loves the new map of Apex Legends. Just after his first stream of season 3, the streamer instantly fell in love with it.

The new map has basically replaced the oldone, which was Kings Canyon. Kings Canyon is the map that has remained a partof Apex since the game was released in February. Almost every player knew themap and was familiar with all its locations. This is the very reason why someplayers are not enjoying the new map. However, while some players are findingit difficult to adjust in World’s Edge, Shroud just can’t get enough of it.

Shroud Talks About the New Map

Shroud revealed that he is a fan of the design of World’s Edge. Only after his first stream of season 3, the latter instantly gave his reasons. “The verticality of this map looks way better than the old one. Yeah, I really like the design of it, I love the design of it I’m a big fan.” He continued, “There’s a lot more long-range poking, looking around, up and down, it’s fun.” This kind of means that Shroud thinks of Kings Canyon as a place where you don’t get to engage in more long-ranged battles.

Why Some Fans Are Not Enjoying the New Map

While some fans are enjoying the new fans,many are not happy with the fact that Kings Canyon is gone. They are concernedabout the removal of the map since they spent a lot of time on it. Theyquestioned Respawn about why they simply didn’t keep it instead of removing it fromthe game. However, Apex Legends’ developer Drew McCoy explained the reasonsbehind the decision and even hinted that the old map might make its way back tothe game sometime in the future.

Fans shouldn’t worry about this a lot sinceWorld’s Edge is also a really amazing map. It might be different from KingsCanyon, but that is something that provides us with a new and excitingexperience. Some players are also struggling to know about the best landingspots in the new map. The thing which is bothering them is that the places withhigh-tier loot are overly populated, while the remaining locations only offerlevel 1 loot. However, it will be wise to spend some time learning the mapinstead of rushing for kills. This will help you with getting familiar with themap even more quickly.

In any case, Apex Legends season 3 is asuccess since fans all over the world are enjoying it. The new season has alsoadded Crypto to the game, the very character who was leaked some time ago.

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