Sirocco, The New CS:GO Map


We have exciting news for the lovers of the Danger Mode in CS: GO. The battle royale mode has gotten a new map, Sirocco and new items have been announced. The latest update solely focused on the Danger Mode that was introduced in CS: GO a few months ago.

The map introduced in the battle royale is named Sirocco. We believe that it is an excellent map with an incredible design. It will take time for players to get familiar with it since it includes underground passageways, townships, and sandy banks.

New Items Arriving

Alongside Sirocco we also see new items introduced for the mode. The first item to catch our eye is the exoboots. They will allow you to make higher jumps and increase your movement speed. We will also have an item named ballistic Shield. For starters, it is not a shield, it is a drone that can be navigated to spy on enemies. It is also capable of collecting resources across the map. The last item in the update is the bump mines, with them you can fly in the Danger Zone. The item works both ways. It will help you to navigate the map by jumping on it. While it can simply cast your enemies into the storm.

The update also includes additional ammo to the weapons. Since the guns will now have more bullets when you pick them from the ground. It indicates that Valve wants to improve the early game aggressive style of play. Since previously, you have to invest a lot of your early time collecting the ammo.

Valve Copying Apex Legends?

The update also adds the Apex Legends feature that enables you to ping enemies, location and items. We will also get the new UI for the weapons select menu, which is quite synonymous to the in-game shop of the CS:GO.

Another feature that Valve picks up from Apex and Fortnite this the introduction of Respawn ability. So now you can also revive your teammates in the Danger Zone. It is not that surprising to see the feature in CS: GO since we are all well aware of the fact: The respawn feature was just too good to stay in one battle royale game.

Group Stage Ends In IEM Sydney 2019

Meanwhile, for the latest happenings in the competitive landscape, we head to the Intel Extreme Masters Season XIV. The group stage of the tournament has come to an end wherefrom Group B NRG eSports and MIBR has qualified for the upper bracket. The team beat Faze Clan and Fnatic to get a solid start on the Australian soil. Meanwhile earlier today, Team Liquid and Ninjas in Pyjamas qualified for the playoffs from Group A.

Renegades, MVP PK, Heroic and Vici Gaming are eliminated from the tournament. Tomorrow the semi-finals of the competition will take place. The reigning champions of the competition, FaZe Clan will now compete in the lower bracket.

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