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Play online the videogame slots

Playing slots online is a great way to relax, unwind, and have a fun time from within the comfort of your own home. There is a wide range of digital spaces in which you can play slots and other games of chance at little to no financial risk.

Why videogame slots are better

Videogame slots are fun for the fact that they are low risk, often free, and highly nostalgic. If you are a fan of a major game franchise, chances are pretty good that your favourite RPG or FPS has been given the slot treatment.

Of course, novelty branding can cut the other way. Indeed, fans of every variety have had experiences in which they were marketed shoddy products sloppily branded with the artwork of their favourite franchise.

Admittedly this is sometimes the case with video game slots. But even though not all of them are winners, they do hold several key advantages over other slot style games. One of the main benefits is simply that they naturally excel in the department of gamification.

Slots, fun though they may be, grow repetitive quickly. Consequently, fans look to bonus rounds and games as an opportunity to break up the monotony and score big.

More often than not, these minigames are a little more intricate than simply pressing the reel button and hoping for the best. Some play quite like a real video game, giving players the opportunity for big wins and lots of fun.

Any good slot needs to have great bonus games, and with videogame styled slots, the opportunity for this is baked right into the interface. Video game based slots enhance gameplay significantly by featuring cut scenes and gameplay moments that feel like they strolled right from the console. If you’re a true fan, these opportunities are sure to keep you coming back from more.

Can I win real money with these games?

Even though the games that we are talking about take place online, that doesn’t mean they are without stakes. Indeed, you can play for money without ever leaving the confines of your home. This can definitely make the games feel more immersive, but there are several things to be wary of.

Beyond the risk that is always inherent to playing games for money, several hazards are unique to online play.

For one thing, you want to make sure that the site you are using has a reputation for honesty. Because it wouldn’t be terribly difficult for a site to program a slot that never or rarely looses, you need to make sure that the place you’re playing at has been vetted and regulated.

You should also always be wary of what websites you share your financial information with. Before inputting a payment method, always make sure that other people have used the website you are considering without experiencing any negative consequences.

Following these simple guidelines can go a long way towards ensuring that you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

How to get new game credit

How you get new game credits is sure to vary from place to place. For example, with some sites, you may start with a base of free credits, which replenish on a daily basis. If you play well, you will be able to stretch those credits for a long time. If you aren’t so lucky, you’re probably going to need to either re-up or take a playing break.

On sites where the real money is being exchanged, of course, there is no such thing as free credits. At these locations, you will always need to buy your own credits, which will play more or less like real money. Be careful though: when money is converted into credits it can be difficult to tell how much you are wagering.

For example, some games might establish that $1 dollar=1 credit, whereas other games could have the conversion rate being completely different. Never place any wager if you aren’t completely certain what the stakes are.

Which are the best videogame slots?

Naturally, deciding which games are the best will largely be a matter of personal preference. Everyone tends to gravitate toward something unique. When it comes to videogame based slots, in particular, players usually hold a deeper appreciation for slots that bear a resemblance to games that they love.

While you will probably ultimately need to look around a little bit to find the perfect fit for you, here are a few extremely popular slots that we can recommend.

Hotline Slot

Though Hotline is not based on a real video game it features a robust story, lots of animation, and a high gamification level that sets it apart from other options. The game is somewhat inspired by the Grand Theft Auto franchise and puts you in the position of a reformed crook who has set out to help detectives stop a jewel thief.

The game is drenched in nostalgic 80s clothes, music, and imagery. The detectives themselves seem to have walked straight out of Miami Vice (and indeed, the game is set in Miami) and the theme does well to establish the setting. The backdrop features palm trees and setting sun, while sirens playoff periodically in the background music to remind you that you are in the middle of a crime game. 

Space Invaders Slot

Lovers of arcade based games are well acquainted with Space Invaders. This perennial classic tasks you with defending the galaxy from a hostile fleet of aliens. In the original game, you battle off against alien space ships and monsters in your quest for intergalactic freedom.

Lovers of the original will be pleased to note that the slot does much to maintain the base game’s purity. The slot takes place in the middle of the game screen. As the reels spin, the iconic cannon fires in the background taking out oncoming ships.

As one might expect, bonus games play out roughly the same way s the original content, making it a true nostalgic treat.

Resident Evil 6 Slot

Resident Evil is as fun as it is terrifying. Those that aren’t familiar with the franchise should know that the games are not for the faint of heart. The storied franchise sees players facing off against zombies, demons monsters, and more as the players try to protect an unsuspecting public against the forces of evil.

It all sounds a bit ambitious for a slot-based game, huh? Well, in many ways, it is. What we have here is still primarily just your typical reel style slot, with paylines a spin button, and bonuses accounting for how you earn your credits.

In the background, players see imagery from the games including familiar characters' weapons and settings.

Bonus rounds yield play scenes that, though not quite like the console games, are nevertheless engrossing for fans of the series to enjoy. If you are a video game lover, you definitely have to give the Resident Evil slot a try.

Are there tricks for these slots?

While many are the player who feels as though they have a winning strategy for slots, the sad truth of the matter is that there are no known verifiable tricks for guaranteeing results. The games truly are randomized which means that success is based more or less on the luck of the draw.

That being said, there are still strategies that you can use to minimize losses and actually keep the money that you do make.

Generally speaking, playing conservative is key. While games like blackjack allow players to win significant sums throughout a few hands, slots more often than not feature much lower yields. Consequently, moderate bets are the best way to ensure that you don’t lose more than you are comfortable with.

Winning slot players also tend to have a keen instinct on when to quit. While it can be hard to walk away while you’re on a winning streak, more often than not this is the best time to cash out and count your money.

Want to keep the good times rolling? Consider swapping your video game based slot out for the original game for a while. Give yourself the chance to cool off while still getting your game on!

Play responsible

Gambling addiction is a real problem from which many suffer each year. While slots are an opportunity for real fun, playing for money can quickly prove problematic if you are not careful. Fortunately, there are resources available to assist those that need it. If you feel that you’ve been afflicted by gambling addiction, seek counselling immediately.

You may also reach out to the gambling addicts hotline for more immediate support.

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