Some of The Best Fortnite Skins Of All Time

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Fortnite is currently one of the biggest video games out there. In fact, it is considered as a top battle royale title with millions of players playing it every month. The game is filled with amazing things, and it even allows you to customize your character using different cosmetic items. These items can be either acquired through loot boxes, or you can simply purchase them directly from the in-game store. Nevertheless, they make your character look really amazing and different from others.

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Since there are a lot of skins available in Fortnite at the moment, it can be somewhat difficult to choose the right one. Therefore, we are going to mention some today that are worth the money. Some of these skins have been available in the game since it was released.

1- Ace

The first skin we would like to mention in our list is Ace. This skin is considered as one of the best skins available in Fortnite by many players. It gives the character a powerful yet charismatic look. It features a red, black, and white theme, something which perfectly fits. If you’re a fan of Little Red Riding Hood, then the Ace skin is something you should go for. If you’re interested in getting this skin, then you will have to spend $4.99 on it.

2- Black Knight

The second skin in our list is Black Knight. This skin is my personal favorite since it gives the character a really dark look. However, the worst thing about this skin is that this legendary outfit is no longer available. It was part of the Season 2 Battle Pass, and has since then never appeared in the game as a purchasable item. Because of it pitch black outfit with a touch of red, many fans have been eagerly waiting for Black Knight to become available in the game. Who knows, maybe Epic Games might add it to the game because of its popular demand.

3- Circuit Breaker

The third skin in our list is the Circuit Breaker. If you want something that can give your character a look of a spy but also resembles a western cowboy, then this skin is for you. The skin is pretty neat considering it gives your character night vision goggles, a bright red scarf, and a black outfit. In any case, if you’re interested in getting this skin, then the Circuit Breaker can be purchased for 1200 V-Bucks.

4- Lynx

The fourth and final skin we would like to mention in our list is Lynx. However, this skin might not be for all of you as it is for females. The Lynx skin has been considered as the female version of the Omega skin by many players, and it places your character in a cat suit. Because of its dark look, many players tend to go with this skin. The skin is also not that expensive, so you shouldn’t worry about spending a lot of V-Bucks to acquire it.

These were some of the best Fortnite skins. Make sure to dosome more research before spending any money.

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