Something Weird Is Happening With Steam


Imagine that you are quietly with your computer, and suddenly start hearing frightening noises from the speakers. The cries of someone, whispers, hysterical laughter, etc. Well, that’s what happened to some Reddit users, who posted messages about hearing creepy sounds. Thanks to the help of other users, it was discovered that it was caused by a Steam bug.

Credits: Valve

This failure initiated the background sounds of Amnesia: The Dark Descent and under other to play randomly.

Library tracks are being played on their own

Some users launched a Steam Reddit thread regarding what was happening on their computers. One person related that one day, when he returned from work, those sounds were heard from the loudspeaker. It happened for the second time when returning from dinner. In fact, the noises were even produced when the computer was at rest.

Obviously scared, the user passed the antivirus, but it did not work. However, his thread Reddit was filled with comments from people who had the same case. However, not all the tracks of Amnesia were played. Other users heard tracks of Dota, or Cities: Skylines.

The Cause!

Finally, they discovered that it is a Steam bug. Or could it be more? The music player of the platform has a very useful function. You can configure it to automatically download sound files from video games. This includes soundtracks, songs, and also the sound effects.

Weird Steam

Credits: Valve

Most Amnesia tracks start with “00. In addition to the bug that starts the automatic playback, it causes very creepy noises to start playing.

The story still has a sinister side

The strangest thing is that several users claim that they do not have the Amnesia game in their libraries. Even so, the game audios have been downloaded without any approval. Anyway, if it happens to you, there is a simple solution. All you have to do is disable the option to automatically download the sound files. Then, empty your Steam library of the audios you do not want, and that’s it.

Dota 2 popularity back on track

According to the Statistics provided steam charts. In February 2019, the average daily online players of Dota 2 grew by 18.74%. Peak online games for this month amounted to 965 thousand users.

Credits: Steam Workshop

First of all, the growth of online Dota 2 is associated with the popularity of Dota Auto Chess. At the end of February, more than five million people signed up for the regime. Statistics are maintained on the Steam page.

Steam Purchasing Auto Chess?

Dota Auto Chess user mode was released on January 4, 2019. This is a map for Dota 2, where players place characters on the chessboard, which then fight each other on their own. On February 4, the DAC audience amounted to 3 million people.

By the 15th of February, the number of users increased by another million. While the peak of simultaneous players was 300 thousand people. In late February, certain sources claimed that Valve wanted to buy the DAC. Let’s see what happens in the coming days.

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