Sway Accused of Cheating During Contender’s Cash Cup

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Fortnite players get to enjoy new tournaments from time to time. Players get the chance to earn various rewards through them. While most players try rely on their skills on win the tournament, there are some players who just don’t want to follow the rules. Same can be said for Sway, who was recently accused of cheating during a Fortnite tournament. And not just any tournament, we’re talking about the Contender’s Cash Cup.

For those who don’t know, the Contender’s Cash Cup is a solo weekly tournament in which players can compete in. Those who emerge victorious in this tournament get rewarded with cash prizes for their hard work. However, a popular Fortnite player was accused of cheating during it. The player who was accused is Sway, and fans of the popular FaZe Clan will recognize this name.

Player accused of cheating

Sway is the content creator and professional Fortnite player for FaZe Clan. For those who don’t know, FaZe Clan is one of the biggest esports organizations in the world home to many popular and professional players. Sway was recently competing in the Contender’s Cash Cup, but one player found out that he was teaming up with another player during it. 

What Actually Happened 

An 18-year-old player who goes by the name Sour was trying to take down a player named Wistles during the tournament when something odd happened. While the two were fighting, Sway came out of nowhere and landed right between them, only to help Wistles take Sway down. In the video posted by Sour, it can be seen that Sway was clearly trying to take the player down while completely avoiding Wistles. 

After Sour was eliminated, Sway got out of the box and ran away from it without harming Wistles. This further confirms that the latter was indeed helping the other player out. Although Sway has denied these allegations and has claimed that they were not teaming up, the video tells a different story. Epic Games official rules for the tournament clearly state that teaming up is not allowed as this is something which puts other players at a disadvantage. 

Epic Games Should Do Something About It 

Epic Games has yet to provide any statement regarding this. Although the Contender’s Cash Cup is not a large-scale tournament, the developers still need to look into this matter. If Sway and Wistles were actually cheating, then both players should get punished. If Epic Games finds out that they were indeed cheating, then both of them might get banned from competitive play for a few weeks.

During the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers, some players tried to cheat their way to the finals. However, they were shortly caught, and they had to give back the prizes they won through the qualifiers. Epic Games is well known for handling things when it comes to cheating. They have always tried their best to make the game playable for everyone. 

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