Team Liquid Beats Invictus Gaming In The Semifinals Of MSI 2019

The semifinals kicked off with Liquid taking on the 2018 Worlds champions, Invictus Gaming. It was possibly the best series of the tournament, since despite the odds, Liquid beat the Chinese side. Let’s have a comprehensive look into the 3-1 victory.

Game 1

The match had an exciting start, with plenty of action in the laning phase. iG as always started to make rotations with Gao “Ning” Zhen-Ning. Yet he was countered by Team Liquid with an impressive defence. Then IG started to take unnecessary team fights in the hopes of ending the game early. They even took Baron without any problems and went on to take control of the map after winning one fight after the other.

With their backs against the wall, Liquid took a risk and tried to stop IG from taking the 2nd Baron of the game. Yet their effort went in vain and IG not only won the fight and pushed the mid lane to secure the game.

Successful defence

In possibly the last fight of the game, Liquid took on IG with all its might. Yet they were successful as Impact was able to perfectly time his ultimate to defend the base. After that fight, IG looked shaky, while Liquid won one fight after the other. The NA side secure the Elder Dragon to win the first game of the series after 41 minutes of incredible action.

Game 2

After the success of Neeko in the first match. IG tried to get a step ahead in the drafting phase by picking Curious Chameleon for the top lane. The Game 2 started of with the same pace as Game, as IG tried to get early control of the match. This time, Ning was successful in his ganks and the Chinese got an early lead. Yet Liquid didn’t let IG snowball with the advantage and got some kills for themselves. Yet in the mid game the team were couldn’t separated since they were competing toe to toe with each other.

Liquid tried to get a Baron kill, yet IG won the fight next to the pit and got the Baron Buff after getting three kills. Yet Liquid did manage to defend its base. As the game opened up, Liquid got a Baron kill of its own which enabled the team to push the mid lane and win the second game of the series.  Now the side was just one game away from victory.

Game 3

Invictus was just one lose away from elimination and had to come up with something special for the third game. Song “Rookie” Eui-jin got one of his best champions, LeBlanc. Both side equally contested for farm in the early game. IG tried to  shut down the bot lane of Liquid by constantly ganking it. It worked as Leblanc got some kill to snowball IG to victory.

Game 4

The last match was a quick victory for Liquid, since the changed their strategy and picked a nuking lineup. They picked Lux and the mid laner and Skarner for the jungle. Both pick won back to back team fights for Liquid and knocked out the favourites, IG from the tournament.

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