Team Liquid Has Picked Up Ex-Alliance Roster

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Team Liquid has decided to make some bigchanges to its roster. The popular Dota 2 team has decided to pick upAlliance’s former Dota 2 lineup and has entirely changed its squad. This meansthat despite its huge global presence, Team Liquid is still going to stay inEurope. The new roster includes Michael “MiCKe” Vu, Aydin “iNSaNiA” Sarkohi,Samuel “Boxi” Svahn, Maximilian “qojqva” Brocker, and Tommy “Taiga” Le. All ofthese are really amazing players who performed well during the previous season.

Problems with The Previous Roster

Team Liquid has had some problems withtheir previous Dota 2 roster this year. At first, they decided to bench Lasse“MATUBAMAN” Urpalainen back in June and was then removed from the team. Thiscame as a surprise to many fans as he was one of the best players of the team.Shortly after this, the entire roster left and parted ways. This was somethingthat put Liquid in a difficult situation since instead of signing one or twoplayers, they had to get an entire squad.

New Dota 2 Lineup and Alliance Previous Performance

Thankfully, they managed to find formerAlliance players. They have recruited them and are now a part of their latestDota 2 lineup. This kind of saved Liquid from the trouble of checking thecredibility of players since we all know how amazing these former Allianceplayers are. Not only this, but these players have also been playing togetherfor almost two years. They also have some history in Heroes of Newerth, andfour out of the five players started their competitive careers with this game.

As for Alliance, they first signed theseplayers back in 2017 when they failed to qualify for The International 2017. In2018, they again failed to qualify for TI8. However, they stuck together andmade it to TI9. Although they played really well during the group stage,Alliance was eliminated in the first round of the main event. While they lostbecause of a mistake made by their captain iNSaNiA, his team still supportedhim and stood right beside him.

What is Next?

Team Liquid has surely made a greatdecision about picking these former Alliance players. They might have not madeit far in The International 2019, they still have the protentional of winningupcoming tournaments. Liquid will get the chance to test their new rosterduring ESL One Hamburg 2019. This is going to be the first major tournamentafter the conclusion of The International 2019. Not only this, but it wasrecently announced that Team Liquid has been officially invited to Hamburg.They join four other teams that were previously invited, while two more willjoin them in the coming weeks.

The tournament will be held from October 25till 27, and it will feature a total of 12 teams. All of them are going tocompete for a prize pool of $300,000. In any case, Liquid fans are surelyexcited to see how the new team is going to perform during the upcomingtournament.

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