Team Liquid Stands Firm On HLTV Rankings

After the recent update in the HLTV rankings, it is official that Team Liquid is the No.1 CS: GO team in the world. The NA side is at the top of the rankings after accumulating 1,000 points. Meanwhile, the Danish kings, Astralis sit at 2nd place with 758 points. Before the ranking update on June 3rd, Liquid had 799 points and Astralis had 887 points. The Astralis side sat the top of the throne from April 2018 to June 2019.

Liquid got the 1st spot after dominating the last two competition. They won the DreamHack Masters Dallas and IEM Sydney. Meanwhile Astralis missed out on both competitions. In 2018, the NA side had its fair share of troubles and sat in the shadow of Astralis. Now the side has finally broken the curse by reigning supreme in the rankings.

The fall of Astralis

In 2019, Astralis participated in three international competitions. Aside from competing in the EM Katowice Major, the participated in the BPS competitions in: Madrid, Miami and Sao Paulo. Each competition was held once per month. So it led to the decline of the Danes, since the miss on Major and Minor competitions. Some of them are: cs_summit four, StarLadder season seven, DreamHack Dallas and IEM Sydney. So it leave little to no excuse why the team has lost it superiority.

Astalis also received fair share of criticism from the community for missing out on these prestigious competitions. Their choice of competing in BLAST Pro Series events could be attributed to the fact that: One of the organizers of the event, RFRSH Entertainment, is the parent company of Astralis. So it seems to be a conflict of interest that is affecting not only the reputation of Danes but also their performance.

A chance for redemption?

The update of the HLTV rankings hints that the dominating era of Astralis might be coming to an end. Moreover, it also indicates the Liquid is on its way to dominate the competition like Fnatic in 2015, SK Gaming in 2016, and Astralis in 2018. Yet Astralis will be competing in a Premier competition in the next few day, the ECS Season 7.

The finals of the of the ECS will be held in London at the SSE Arena. Eight teams will compete from 6th to 9th June for a prize pool of $500,000 USD. In the past months over 50 team have competed in the qualifiers of the competition. Now only eight: Four from North American qualifiers and four from the European qualifiers, will compete for supremacy.

The competition will be full of Drama since it hosts the best and no team will want to get eliminated in the first round. Despite being out of competitive action for over a month, the Danes are still the favourites to take home the trophy. We will know in the next few days how will Astralis respond after being dethroned from the global rankings.

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