Team Liquid vs Astralis -The clash of the titans

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In the early hours of 7th September, Team Liquid will take on Astralis in the playoffs of the Starladder: Berlin Major. Both sides are amongst the best teams in the world and have had their fair share of highs and lows. So let’s have a comprehensive look at which one of these teams will come out on top in one of the most anticipated games of the tournament.

Rough patch for Liquid

The era of Team Liquid ended even before it started since the NA side is currently facing plenty of problems. The Americans dominated the entire first half of 2019. But after the one-month break in the competitive circuit, the team has simply forgotten its basics. Before the StarLadder, S1mple noted that Liquid relied heavily on the individual brilliance of the players and lacked teamwork..

It seems like S1mple knows what’s going on with Team Liquid. Since in the group stage, the side had its fair share of troubles playing as a team. The players lacked chemistry and fail to engage their opponents as a unit. If it wasn’t for the quality plays of Kit NAF Markovich then the NA side might very well have been eliminated in the group stage.

Not interested in winning the title

We know for a fact that Liquid is unlikely to be upset if it doesn’t win the title. Since in an interview at the tournament, NAP said: “Even before the end of the boot camp, we said to ourselves that we can lose, and this should not be a surprise.” He further said that the main objective of the tournament is to live with the fact that: No.1 team is not the one who always wins, but the one who can successfully recover from defeats. 

What we learn from the statement is that Liquid is aiming for the future and is not much focused on winning the tournament. This s a major drawback since they are up against a side which is thirsty to take them down, Astralis.

Astralis needs to fight!

Team Liquid and Astralis, both are still trying to regain their lost form. After reaching the playoffs, the in-game leader of the side Lucas “gla1ve” Rossander said that: The team’s chances for winning the title are highly dependent on their mental strength. In the group stage, the Danes showed some troubling signs. We believe that they need to improve on Nuke and also need to be more effective overtime games.

Astralis might reach the grand final or could fall under the shadow of Team Liquid; it all depends on how the side co-ops with its problems. After ending the group stage on a high note, gla1ve said the team is going to take revenge on the Americans since Liquid has proven to be the better side in the first half of 2019.

Final words

Given the current form of both teams, it is almost impossible to predict the outcome of their confrontation. However, the three-time Major champions are much more motivated and we believe that they can not only beat Liquid but might very well win the title.

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