Teamfight Tactics announced for League of Legends!

Riot Games has announced its new project, Teamfight Tactics. It will be an adaptation of Auto Chess in the world of League of Legends. The mode will appear on test servers by the end of June, and it will be released to the main client after 9.13. The developers noted that the basic mechanics of the regime completely repeat the original arcade title of Dota 2.

The studio plans to launch Teamfight Tactics initially on the PBE test servers and gradually fix the bugs. They are going to launch the game into the main client with the patch 9.14. We can also expect a ranked matchmaking system on completion of the game. Riot Games also introduced cosmetic assistants for TFT, which can be customized, like heroes in Auto Chess.

ABC’s of the game

Teamfight Tactics will be available to all players around June 25. Therefore, to entertain the wait, we will review some basic concepts of the game. So you will be familiar with the mechanics of the title.

Riot Games defines Teamfight Tactics as: A new game mode in which the players will face seven enemies. You will have to build an army, combine champions, position them and be the last man standing. It sounds complicated, but the concept of the game is quite simple. First of all, each game will consist of 8 players.

In Teamfight Tactics we must organize a series of units in such a way that they are victorious until the end. Our rivals in the game will have their particular strategy, so we must adapt and know what to play against them. However, to begin to familiarize ourselves with the new mode, we must know where the battles will be settled.

The board

The battlefield of Teamfight Tactics will be a board of hexagonal squares. It will be divided into two halves and we can deploy our units on both the right and left sides. In other words, the characters will not move along the chessboard, but across the field of six rows of hexagons.

In addition, there will be a bench where the champions that we are not using will wait to jump into the ring. Thanks to the store we can choose the way we want to spend the gold. We will have the option to spend new champions for our army or in changing those that come out randomly to formulate a better strategy.

Main mechanics

The two most important resources of Master Tactics are gold and leveling up . With the first one we can buy champions, experience points and even boost the champion’s levels after each turn. We will obtain gold at the end of each round.
Regarding the level, we will start the game at level 1 and we will be able to reach a maximum of 10. We will be able to receive experience after each round, which will grant us more slots of champions during the battle.

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