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Turne “Tfue” Tenney is widely regarded as the best and the most-watched Fortnite streamer in the world. The latter has been playing the game for quite some time now and has managed to bring a lot of players to Fortnite. However, while everyone thinks that Tfue is going to continue streaming for as long as the game is alive, the latter is thinking the opposite. 

Recently, Tfue talked about some things related to Fortnite on his broadcast. The latter decided to take 15 seconds of his time to talk about how bad Fortnite is. He went on to say that the game is bad and terrible and is dying. Not only this, but he even claimed that he is thinking about streaming other games since Fortnite is dying. Although the latter has criticized the game like this in the past, what he said at the end isn’t normal. 

Something We Have Never Heard Before 

Tfue is the kind of streamer who casually criticizes Fortnite whenever he gets frustrated. However, we have never heard him saying that he will switch to some other game. The latter has always thought of Fortnite as the greatest game of all time, but now he thinks that the game is slowly dying. If this is actually the case, then viewers who follow the streamer for only Fortnite will get disappointed soon.

A tweet Tfue made a few days ago further confirms that the latter is indeed serious about switching to another game. He asked his followers on Twitter to recommended him some players that can start a Minecraft server with him. We have seen that some other popular streamers have started shifting to other games too. For instance, DrLup and Cloakzy, who is Tfue’s duo partner, have been testing World of Warcraft Classic. In addition to this, Myth and Symfuhny have also been seeing trying out Minecraft. 

What the Reason Could be 

The reason behind Tfue’s decision might be what Epic Games has been doing to their game recently. Season X went live a few days ago and players have since then complained about various issues. At first, most players complained about the overpowered B.R.U.T.E, and then there was a temporary nerf to turbo building. Aside from this, there are various other issues that have left players frustrated. Even some top streamers claimed that they are just playing Fortnite because of the money they are generating from streaming. 

At the moment, Tfue is still streaming Fortnite full-time. Even if he decides to switch to another game, then we can expect him to stream Fortnite on some days. In any case, if Tfue actually does leave Fortnite, then a lot of players will get disappointed. There are thousands of players who started playing Fortnite only because of this streamer, and they sure won’t be happy after seeing their favorite streamer leave the game. All we can do is wait for a few days to see what the popular streamer will do. 

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