The International 2019 - Day One Review


The biggest Dota 2 event of the year kicked off on the 15th of August. We have prepared a brief review of the first day of action for fans of the game.

Secret and Vici reign supreme

Team Secret and ViCi Gaming got off to a good start in Shanghai, with both teams unbeaten after the first day. Secret was the leader in Group A, while VG now leads Group B with their dominating performance. The EU side proved a force to be reckoned with after three wins. In addition to the Alliance, Secret defeated Newbee and Liquid. Meanwhile, in Group B, the Chinese got the better of RNG and Fnatic.

Secret seems to be the No.1 contender for the title after the first day. Their team leader, Puppey, is cautious to implement new tactics in one of the biggest tournaments. He drafted a support Invoker and brutally dominated Alliance in the opening match. Although Taiga had stolen Aegis against them, it had no impact on the result of the game.

Tough day for CIS earned three points on the first day. The CIS side had a good start with a victory over Ninjas in Pajamas, but after that the team drew their series 1-1 with Royal Never Give Up. Natus Vincere got two difficult opponents on day 1. They had to take on the reigning TI champions, OG, and the bronze medalists of last year’s TI, Evil Geniuses. Despite the fact that NAVI were underdogs in both meetings, they managed to take a couple points and they ended the day with two draws.

Two potential favourites of the tournament, Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses, disappointed on the first day. Both teams finished the day at sixth place in their respective groups: Liquid had only one victory and two losses, while EG had a loss and a draw. Even though Liquid didn’t have the best of starts, their new signing, W33, shined playing his Meepo. He managed to get a double Rampage with the hero against Chaos Esports Club and didn’t give up a single death in the second game.

Let Alchemist Play!

The top 3 most popular heroes of the first day of The International 2019 were: Alchemist, Enchantress, and Shadow Demon. The first two heroes were popular in the drafting phase as they were banned in almost every game: They were picked 8 and 7 times and banned 24 and 23 times, respectively. Batrider was another popular ban, removed from the game 17 times.

If you have love for Alchemist, then it is a pleasure to tell you that the hero had a 50% win rate. Meanwhile, Enchantress had a tough day; she won only two out of the seven matches she was picked in. In most games, she simply did not have enough time to assert her dominance. Her opponents had enough nuke to instantly eliminate her in fights. The games ended so quickly that she failed to get sustaining items like Black King Bar and Solar Crest.

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