The Battle Of Prize Pools In Esports

Game tournaments like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) and League of Legends (LoL) distribute millionaire prizes. DotA 2, for example, is the most profitable competitive game to date and has already rewarded more than $ 170 million in its competitions. By 2019, the revenue generated by competitive games should also touch and surpass $ 1 billion, according to a Newzoo survey.

Let’s Check out the numbers game of eSports in 2019.

DotA 2

The International, main championship DotA 2, makes the game to be the most profitable eSports title. In 2018, the total prize pool of the tournament was $ 25 million USD. High values ​​are a result of Valve’s investment and fan support, which, when buying items on Steam, help increase the amount. All competitions that took place until January 2019, distributed more than $170 million prize money.

Credits: Valve

Fortnite World Cup

In May 2018, Epic Games announced that it would invest $ 100 million in the Fortnite championships. A high value that surprised the community. This year, the developer has returned to call attention to reveal the World Cup of Battle Royale. The competition will distribute $ 30 million among the 100 best players and the 50 best doubles that will compete in the competition.

Fortnite is a phenomenon among casual players which entered the competitive scene in 2018. It is already the fifth game to have distributed most prizes in the history of eSports.

Prize pools in Esports

Credits: Epic Games


The Blizzard card game is considered the most awarded mobile game in the history of eSports. The game is free and available for Android and iPhone ( iOS ) phones, as well as hosts a computer version. By February 2019, Hearthstone added $ 15 million worth of awards. The title beats names like Overwatch and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

Despite all the success, Hearthstone is still struggling to make a mark in the competitive landscape. In the overall ranking, Hearthstone appears in seventh place in the list that includes: Games for consoles and PCs in the prize distribution category.

Prize pools in Esports

Credits: Blizzard

Revenue of US $ 1 billion

According to research released by Newzoo, the electronic sports market is expected to move more than $ 1 billion in 2019. This amount takes into account the values ​​of sponsorships, advertising, products, tickets, and developer fees of games. The two largest regions that should contribute to revenue are North America and China. Esports is expected to generate $ 1.8 billion USD per year by 2022.

450 million viewers

The analyst platform also announced that by 2019, the audience should increase 15% over last year and add up to more than 450 million people. In addition, 57% of this number comes from Asia and the Pacific region. The study also targeted the public and found that 200 million people currently support eSports. While the other 250 million are occasional consumers.

So what do you think? Will eSports break the $ 1 million mark? In our opinion, there is a great chance of it happening by the end of the year since the industry is currently flourishing with no hold up whatsoever.

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