The Competitive Landscape Of Fortnite In 2019

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The developer of Fortnite, Epic Games, has long been committed to eSports. In the middle of 2018, Epic Games declared its intention to invest $100 million into the Fortnite Competitive Landscape throughout the entire year. In the beginning, however, the company had not yet defined how to present the competitive structure and was searching for the optimal hybrid of fierce competition and entertainment.

Epic Games Fortnite new skin

Credits: Epic Games

2018 served as a testing ground for several things: to test the power of Fortnite beyond the casual game – as a product for the masses – and to try different models of competition, types of tournaments, and format, to unravel a compendium of possibilities that nobody had yet marked as standard in eSports.

Both PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Fortnite opened a path that moved away from the traditional team games. PUBG opted for a wider offer, with squad tournaments above all; Epic Games chose to bet heavily on solo and duo events in Fortnite.

A path of light and shadow

Epic Games has organized more than 30 events of all kinds between North America and Europe. They also arranged some smaller and more localized events in addition to the more massive online qualifiers. The Battle Royale has left a trail of millions of dollars and has quickly become one of the most prominent eSports titles for both players and the public.

Fortnite competitive landscape

Credits: Epic Games

The so-called Skirmish events, with a presence during Spring, Summer, and Fall, were for a long time the spearhead of the Fortnite Competitive Landscape structure. The system changed in the winter, however, when the Skirmish label took a backseat with Winter Royale. The distinctive point of this tournament was its total openness to the community; Epic Games wanted to encourage all players interested in the Fortnite Competitive Landscape to dream of the win along with a few extra zeros in their current account. Unfortunately, the initiative failed since the events were crowded with cheaters.

Things could get only better

In a recently published article, the developer has reaffirmed their commitment to their attitude of “zero tolerance” when considering those players who carry out illegal actions. The creators acknowledged their boombox mistake and have also affirmed that they know how to ensure that the competitive landscape reaches new heights. Throughout this process, there of course might be some setbacks, but they can only become stronger with time.

Epic Games Fortnite

Credits: Epic Games

At the moment the company has shared only part of its plan for the Fortnite Competitive Landscape, promising to give more information in the near future. Despite what little information has been revealed until now, the competitive Fortnite scene will assuredly be very different in 2019. One of the developers of the company has confirmed part of the strategy: Epic Games wants to host fewer tournaments in the initial months of 2019 to better understand the circuit.

Epic Games has also confirmed that the re-transmissions of the tournaments will be available on the company’s own platform. It will be interesting to see the impact of the broadcast, though not rebroadcasting the events through Twitch would be a huge gamble for the developer.

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