The Favourites of the ‎Worlds 2019 Play-In: DAMWON Gaming and Clutch Gaming

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Starting October 2, twelve teams, qualifiedvia a regional tournament and representatives of the minor leagues, willcompete in a Play-In phase with a common goal: To qualify for the Worlds 2019Main Event and fight against the best teams in the world. Spread into fourgroups of three, the twelve underdogs will be the first to test the 9.19 patchof these World Championships.


DAMWON Gaming has finally received its ticketfor the Worlds. For the first time in its rich history Korea finds itself in aPlay-In stage of a major tournament. It’s also the first time a Korean team hasmade the leap to the LCK and won World Championship qualification in the sameyear. Nonetheless it is shocking to see a Korean side competing in such anearly stage of Worlds.

DAMWON has shown an impressive consistencysince January by ending its two splits in the Top 4 in Korea. Owing to theirimpressive results, the side also competed in Rift Rivals a few months ago. Ledby coach “Kim”, the Invictus Gaming coach that won the Worlds lastyear, DAMWON relies heavily on its playmakers: Nuguri on toplane, ShowMaker onthe midlane and Canyon, MVP of Summer Split, to control the game from thejungle.

We wish them luck

DAMWON is the best team of this Play-In onpaper. They will have to deal with their lack of experience, since they haven’tcompeted at any MSI or Worlds. But they have the benefit of competing in one ofthe easiest groups, Group D, against the likes of Flamengo eSports and RoyalYouth. It is nearly impossible to think that DAMWON will not make it to theMain Event and compete with its rivals, SKT T1 and Griffin.

Clutch Gaming

Another beautiful story of the Play-In stagewill be participation of Clutch Gaming. The third North American Seed hasdefeated Team SoloMid twice in the final stretch of the regional finals. Afterhaving a tough season, the NA side turned things around by beating TSM in theworld qualifiers. After that, there was no stopping them and they reignedsupreme in Berlin.

Huni has given his all to compete in this bigevent. The veteran Korean returns to the world championships two years afterthe epic grand finale defeat of his team, SKT T1 against Samsung Galaxy. Afteran unconvincing performance in the semi-finals of the Summer Split playoffsagainst Team Liquid. The Clutch top laner was able to rely on his friendDamonte to get back on the biggest stage of League of Legends. Damonte hasestablished a solid reputation as a rising star of the midlane in the UnitedStates.

Explosive bot lane

On the bot lane, Cody Sun records his third consecutive Worlds participation. He is probably the most underrated ADC in the competition. Accompanied by Canadian Vulcan, one of the best supports in NA. We believe that this bot lane duo will dominate its opponents in the Play-In stage.

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