The First Apex Legends Event Is Announced

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The launch of Apex Legends – just a few days ago – has revolutionized the battle royale market. During this short time, Apex has occupied the first position on Twitch and the incredible numbers of the title from Respawn Entertainment and EA have reached a peak of 469,000 spectators. These figures have helped to bring up the Apex Legends event at the Twitch Rivals.

Respawn Going Big

Twitch Rivals, the tournament platform of the streaming giant, already has a great competitive record with games of all types. Now it’s time for Apex Legends, the latest success story of landing in the industry. Twitch wants to take advantage of the current pull of the game, already planning a tournament with two deliveries this month. The Twitch Rivals of Apex Legends will take place on February 12 and 19.

Apex Legends event

Credits: Respawn Studios

In each of these tournament days, $100,000 will be divided into two regions. Europe and North America are the two areas chosen for this event, bringing together 48 streamers of all kinds: names as famous as DrDisrespect, Myth, and shroud will participate in the tournament.

Unfortunately, the format will not be competitive or fair enough. Instead of participating in private games just for themselves, the teams composed of famous streamers will play on their own against randomly selected people and will earn points for wins and losses. To ensure that no one cheats, participants will be required to retransmit all of the games on their channels.

The competitive future of Apex Legends

The early appearance of the Twitch Rivals is good news for the Apex community. Even so, it is still too early to sing victory in a genre like Battle Royale. Neither Fortnite nor PUBG has managed to create a powerful scene that satisfies both its players and audience. For its part, Call of Duty Black Out did not even attempt to go competitive.

Apex Legends

Credits: Respawn Studios

Apex Legends needs to include even more options within the game to favor their competitive evolution. Having the ability to create personalized games would be the first big step that other competitors, like Fortnite, have not yet taken. If Apex Legends wishes to stay on top, it must remain active and continually improve as much as possible.

Organizations start recruiting

The top organizations are starting to take interest in the Respawn’s title, likely resulting in seeing Apex Legends in the list of competitive eSports.

The NRG organization is the first to publish a tweet in which they expressed interest in recruiting players and content creators for Apex Legends. The NRG Esports is one of the most prominent multi-gaming organizations in the United States: it boasts training in Fortnite and Counter-Strike, and owns San Francisco Shock, the franchise of the Overwatch League.

With the immense popularity of Apex Legends and a first $200,000 tournament on the horizon, it is not surprising that organizations are working hard to dominate the new battle royale.

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