The Future Is Bright For Esports In 2019

The debate over whether video games have become mainstream is totally anachronistic. Video games are already part of our lives and their competitions one of the mass entertainment of this century. Forbes and Newzoo know it.

eSports To worth over 1.1 Billion in 2019

Newzoo, the analyst firm of the video games and esports market, has announced their report. According to their predictions, eSports will be worth over one billion dollars in 2019. According to the North American group, the income during this year will grow 26.7 percent with respect to 2018, placing the figure above the 1000 million dollars, in particular, 1.1 billion.

ESL Esports

Credits: ESL

However, in spite of the number of numbers and the apparently buoyant situation of the esports, the percentage growth in 2019 with respect to 2018 will be lower than last year compared to 2017. In the previous 12 months, the increase occurred in 32 percent, slightly more than the 26.7 expected for this year.

More distribution in 2019

The distribution of the 1.1 billion is expected to be distributed as follows: 456.7 million in sponsorships; 251.3 million in image rights; 189.2 million in advertising; 103.7 in merchandising and ticket sales and 95.2 million in the distribution of games.

The highest percentage growth will be in the image rights. There has been an increase of 42.8 percent, a subject that to date has been little exploited and very restrictive. However, that little by little seems to be opening up. It is surprising to see the decrease by the distributors. It was the only link in the chain that would not rise according to predictions.

Esports ESL

Credits: ESL

Prophecy already made

Before the prediction by Newzoo, other platforms on the eve of 2018 also prophesied that the electronic sports market was going to suffer a downward correction due to being overestimated for some time. However, these predictions show that, despite a slight decrease in percentage growth, it is expected that the increase will be significant to the point of reaching the 1000 million income.

Only the passage of the months will offer a real version of the events within the eSports industry. With all the companies leaning their shoulders, and the spectators coming to the call, 2019 and the coming years will be as good or better than the predictions venture.

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eSports Athletes on Forbes

Forbes has gathered several of eSports protagonists in one of its classic lists. Traditional sports, video games, and esports go hand in hand in the European version of the 30 under 30 to the point of having eight electronic sports characters in that lineup.

Esports in 2019

Credits: ESL

The list includes Brendan ” PlayerUnknown ” Greene, creator of PUBG. Furthermore, it include Jason Levien, president and owner of the football club DC United and Sam Mathews, co-founder of Fnatic. Of these votes have come these thirty representatives of sports, video games and sports of the old continent.

In this list of talented young European personalities are two CSGO players like “GeT_RiGhT” and “GuardiaN”. Moreover, two from League of Legends such as “Caps” and “Rekkles” are also in the list. The list includes an esports club owner, Carlos ” Ocelote ” Rodríguez, who plays the role of an outstanding nominee.

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