The highs and lows of TI9, Day 2

The second day of the group stage of Dota 2’s The International 2019 was rich in action. The teams were willing to experiment with the drafts, since the matches on day 2 did not lead to elimination from the tournament. If you missed the livestreams on August 16, our material will help you catch up!

OG the favourites?

In the 2017/2018 season, OG had its fair share of troubles at The International. Yet, during that year’s tournament their roster came out guns blazing. Sebastian Ceb Debs and Johan n0tail Sundstein perfectly adopted the team’s meta and began to dictate the course of the competition.

It seems like the situation is repeating at TI9. After an ambiguous first-day draw with Natus Vincere and a victory over infamous, OG bounced back on the second day. Their first series of the day was against EG, wherein the first game they picked the trio Alchemist, Chen, and Grimstroke and won the game with ease. They secured the 2-0 victory after an incredible performance from Ana in the 2nd game.

Then the team met Ninjas in Pajamas. The meeting was an exciting one, since n0tail drafted carry Io for Ana in both games of the series. Both matches were won by OG in a similar fashion to their previous series: NIP securing the early game, but after getting Heart of Tarrasque on Io, the OG lineup turned into an invincible killing machine.

Team Liquid freefall continues

The stellar composition of Team Liquid, who were rated as the tournament favourite by some bookmakers, is facing difficulties in the group stage. On the second day, they lost to PSG.LGD and tied their series with Mineski. Following the results of five games, Liquid ended the day at seventh place, which means they could be eliminated if they don’t achieve at least a tie on the third day. 

The team will face Keen Gaming, Alliance, and TNC Predator on Day 3. But even with 2-0 victories over these rivals, Liquid may not reach the top bracket. The team continues to experiment: in the 10 maps played, they played 23 different heroes, but they can’t seem to get a grip on the meta.

EG rise from the ashes

On Day 1, Evil Geniuses lost to Fnatic and traded points with Natus Vincere. These were decent results, but fans clearly expected complete domination from this team. The second day of TI9 also didn’t start well for EG, as they were demolished 0-2 by OG. However, after this series of poor results, the team got back on its feet and got the best of their next opponents.

They confidently defeated Royal Never Give Up and then won against one of the favourites of the tournament – Vici Gaming. This victory over the Chinese may not guarantee EG a spot in the top bracket, but it will definitely give the club confidence ahead of Day 3.

The best highlight of the day was the Rampage from the carry on team Arteezy.

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