The home team, Vici Gaming fighting for TI9

In this article we will talk about Vici Gaming, the best Chinese team of the season in the Dota Pro Circuit ranking. In a few days, Vici will defend the honor of the region in The International 9 championship in Shanghai.

Roster Changes

Before the start of the DPC season 2018/2019, a roster shuffle took place in Vici. The club replaced both supporters and the team’s offlaner. They decided to build a team around Kerry Zhang “Paparazi” Chenzhong and mid laner Zeng “Ori” Jiaoyang. They were joined by young Pan “Fade” Yu , Zhou “Yang” Haiyang, and Ding “Dy” Cong. It is noteworthy that all three newcomers in the past were pupils of the youth squads of Vici Gaming. 

The managers also replaced the coach – instead of Tong Mikasa Junjie, Bai was invited to lead the team with “rOtK” Fana, who previously worked with Fade and Yang in VGJ.Thunder. The mentor immediately established tough discipline in the team.

The Best Chinese side

In October 2018, the updated roster Vici Gaming debuted at ESL One Hamburg 2018, where it took second place, losing to Team Secret in a close game. The Chinese team failed to make its mark in The Kuala Lumpur Major and The Chongqing Major as they finished at 7-8 places. Yet in the third major they showed tremendous progress as they reached the final and beat

At MDL Disneyland® Paris Major, the team again took 7-8 place and then lost to Gambit Esports at ESL One Birmingham 2019. Many felt that the swan song VG ended in Stockholm, but the Moscow EPICENTER Major 2019 they silenced the critics. At the last major, Vici showed a great game, winning the final against Team Liquid in one of the most fascinating series of the season. In the final table of the season, the club took third place and was the best Chinese team of the season.

rOtK for the win

The main star of the Vici Gaming team is the rOtK coach – he is not only a mentor, but also a true leader of the team. ROtK himself coordinates the drafts and draws up a general plan for the match. Periodically, he gets into scandals , but is not afraid to bear responsibility for his actions. He has a difficult character, quick-tempered and he can yell at players after a defeat or speak sharply about opponents in an interview. But this only indicates how much he worries about the team.

Vici Gaming will arrive at The International 2019 in the status of one of the best teams in the world and the strongest representative of China. The end of the season turned out great with VG, but will it be able to maintain the momentum? The team has never been stable and even in a successful season alternated first places in majors with unexpected defeats in other tournaments. ROtK will surely motivate players to perform well in front of the home audience, but this may not be enough to reach the final.

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