The List of Fifa 20 Soundtrack Songs

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Fifa 20 is one of the most trending games, which include so many attractive features that help to attract more players. One of the significant attractive element of the game with its various soundtrack songs. When Fifa 20 got released at that moment, EA had finally revealed the secret of twin soundtracks. It helps to provide an external and internal attractiveness to the game. Soundtracks are mainly used to give the final touch and motivation to the players to boost their confidence.

There is a football mode which is known as Volta football mode, which mainly requires the soundtracks. Artists and tracks both have announced about the Fifa 20 soundtracks. It will help to increase the reputation and popularity of the game and also helps to increase the number of fans. Soundtracks are such a significant element that can easily convert the game into something more entertaining. The Volta mode provides a new Street Style feature to the game, requiring tracks the most.

List of Fifa 20 Soundtrack Songs

If you want to know about the list of Fifa 20 soundtrack songs, you can consider the information below. It will help you to learn about different songs of Fifa and allows you to opt for anyone.

Menu Music Track List

  • Apre – Come Down
  • Another Sky – The Cracks
  • Buscabulla – Vamono
  • Colouring – Oh My God!
  • Foals – The Runner
  • Flume – Rushing Back (ft. Vera Blue)
  • Half Alive – Runaway
  • Cautious Clay – Erase
  • Danay Suarez – La Razen Del Equilibrio
  • Jai Paul – He
  • Jevon – Lil Ze
  • Loyale Carner – Angel (ft. Tom Misch)
  • Milky Chance – Fado
  • MNDR – Save Me
  • P Money – Where and When (ft. Giggs)
  • Major Lazer – Que Calor (ft. J Balvin and EI Alfa)
  • Masego – Big Girls
  • Pixx – Funsize
  • Sampa The Great – OMG
  • Rosalia and Ozuna – Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi
  • Obongjayer – Frens
  • Hot Chip – Positive
  • Janice – Hearts will Bleed
  • Friedberg – Go Wild
  • Foals – The Runners
  • JB Scofield – Stretch It
  • Kojey Radicle – Where Do I Begin
  • Skepta – Same Old Story
  • Suzi Wu – Highway
  • The S.L.P – Favorites (ft. Little Simz)
  • The Knocks and Kah-Lo – Awa Ni
  • Tierra Whack – Unemployed
  • Ttrruuces – I’m Alive
  • Sofi Tukkar – Swin

These are all soundtrack songs involved in Fifa 20 and help the players experience new things. Players prefer to have these songs as it makes the environment of the game more realistic and lovely. Players love to listen to these songs while playing football, as it helps them have new and unique experiences. All these songs are very beautiful and amazing, and that’s why players love to consider them


All the points mentioned above are beneficial in making you understand a wide range of soundtracks that are involved in Fifa 20. These soundtracks have something different as it makes the players feel more excited about playing Fifa games. If you want to have the best experience of these songs, you first need to understand them well and then opt for them.

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