The Most Popular Esports Games to Know About

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Countless eSport games are trending around the world based on their effective design, quirky features, true-to-life graphics. The inspiring design and gameplay attract gamers to get their hands on such popular games. In the intense variety, missing the name of any well-liked title might be there.

Here we are introducing you to the five popular eSports Games from around the world. Let’s explore –

popular esports games
  1. Counter-Strike – A Valve Corporation’s production, which gained appeared in the gaming industry during the early stage, is Counter-Strike. It is a first person shooting AAA title. Developers launched it on 8 November 2000. Solo and multiplayer features enhanced the overall exposure, and most of the gamers started playing it. In the early stages, very few gamers have the idea of how to play, but during the next installment, there were 4,507 professional gamers as per the developers.
  2. League of Legends – After complete nine years, a new development called League of Legends took over the eSports category. Riot Games developed this PC title and launched on 27 October 2009. It supports multiplayer gameplay, and there are 1,748 professional players. It is a real-time strategy game that makes it unique and a popular choice over the other games. There are some obstacles to get rid of, and after that, you need experience as well as some resources to progress.
  3. Overwatch – Blizzard Entertainment offered Overwatch on 24 May 2016 based on First-person shooter gameplay. This game is offered in Multiplayer mode, and there are 1,438 professional gamers that can make you consider it a well-liked game around the globe. The effective design with a match between two teams of six players. The popularity was intense, and the well-liked nature with overwhelming reviews enhanced the overall experience. It is must try eSports with multiplatform support available for current gaming consoles also.
  4. Fortnite – Missing the name of Fortnite will be disrespected, where developers did a great job creating survival gameplay. The combined work of Epic Games and People Can Fly to create this Battle Royale made this well-liked game. You can play solo or with squad using the multiplayer mode. The best part about this game is, you have to survive among 100 players on the same map. There are total of 1,388 professional gamers.
  5. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds – A PC title with similar popularity in the mobile title category is Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, which is developed by PUGB Corporation. It is also a Battle Royale game similar to Fortnite. According to sources, there are 1,233 professional gamers of the same. You land on the map among 99 other gamers, and you have to survive while collecting resources. You can play solo or try out the squad. With multiple modes and great design, it is an intense game to try out.

    Many other intense eSports games trending and 2020 is going to be a big year. Many Battle Royale and FPS titles are announced to release, so it will be a fun year for all the die-hard gamers.

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