The New Competitive Mode In LoL Is Here

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The new League Of Legends (LoL) Clash competitive mode is getting quite popular among players. Created by Riot Games, the mode is undergoing testing on Beta servers, and a release date is yet to be revealed. The Clash is a team tournament where players with tickets face opponents of the same level and earn unique rewards such as trophies, and flags. Let’s have a look at how Clash works.

What is it?

The Clash is a competitive game mode where teams fight for the first place. The tournament is fortnightly and allows players to create their teams to face opponents of the same level.

League of Legends New Competitive Mode

Credits: Riot Games

To participate in clash mode, the player needs a ticket, which can be acquired by completing missions, with the teammates. Or simply get the ticket from the store. Riot Games has released the prerequisites for creating a team on the Clash.

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  • The player must be at least level 30.
  • It is necessary to perform the qualifying matches in at least one ranking que of Summoner’s Rift.
  • You must have at least Honor level two.
  • Your League of Legends account must be verified via SMS.

As with professional teams, the Clash teams will have a captain. The role of the group leader involves organizing, adding or removing team members. Its also includes choosing the team name, logo, and tag.


It is necessary to emphasize that, when entering a tournament, the player will dispute with the selected team throughout the weekend. At the end of the tournament, the teams will be undone so that they can try new formations or keep old ones.

League of Legends Mode

Credits: Riot Games


As in other championships, the Clash has stages. On the first day, there is a four-team bracket. If the team wins both games, it can play in an eight-team bracket the next day. The group will advance to the next phase, where they will dispute against a bracket of 16 teams.

There are also the recap brackets for teams that did not win the first match of the day. These teams will not advance to the next day. However, they may face other groups that have lost to improve the rewards.

Everyone Wins!

Those who participate every day will get the best rewards. However, those who play on the weekends will also get a fair share of prizes. If the team plays on Friday but cannot compete on Saturday, there are no problems. On Sunday, the ticket will still be valid. To participate in a key, team members must make the confirmation 30 minutes before the first match. If a member does not confirm, the group will not dispute the bracket.

League of Legends Clash Mode

Credits: Riot Games

When you win a bracket, the player receives a trophy from the tournament theme. The highest level trophy is displayed for two weeks after the end of the competition. It will be next to the Nexus in the matches at Summoner’s Rift. In addition, each win gives the participant 200 points that can be used to enable flags. Like cups, they appear in the Fields of Justice and in their summoner profile.

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