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Have you seen many of your friends playing Dota 2 lately? Do not worry, they have not gone crazy: it is very unlikely that they are playing Valve’s MOBA. More probable is that they cannot stop playing the custom game, Dota Auto Chess. This custom map by Drodo Studio was published on January 4 and has gained incredible popularity in recent weeks. The community of players is very excited about this new project, so we are going to divulge the secret behind the success of the custom game.

Playing Dota Auto Chess

Dota Auto Chess was born at the hands of the Chinese studio as one of the downloadable maps in the Arcade Mode of Dota 2. In just a few weeks, it has received status as the most played map of the MOBA. In this map, the player must choose between different characters or pieces that will compose the game board. Each players starts with only one piece but, by the end of the game, they can have up to ten. Each piece or champion will have both unique and passive abilities. You can activate these abilities by having a certain number of pieces of the same race or class.


The players purchase the pieces at the beginning of each round. Moreover, they can keep them on a bench until their use is desired. With three equal pieces of the same level, a player can raise the level of the champion up to level three. You can find the pieces or champions of the game in a shared pool between all the players.

The interesting thing about this game mode is the diversity of tactics employed to defeat the rival. The players must use their gold conscientiously to maintain the balance between improving the squad and raising the player level.

Dota Auto Chess

Credits: Drodo Studio

Player level

The player level allows playing more pieces in each round. The games turn into exciting rounds that will randomly face the players against each other. For each still-living piece at the end of a round, a player will do a certain amount of damage to his/her opponent. At the end of the game, the final two players must use all of their skill to defeat their opponent.

Valve and Tencent Interested

There are many speculations regarding this Dota 2 map. The community is discussing the possibility that Valve and Drodo Studio will agree to separate Dota Auto Chess from Dota 2: among other reasons, the updates of Dota 2 could leave the map of Arcade Mode unplayable until the new update. Furthermore, rumors are circulating that TENCENT could take advantage of the pull of this game mode to create its own Dota Auto Chess.

Puck Dota 2

Credits: Valve

Rumors aside, what is certain is that Dota Auto Chess has become the revelation game of the beginning of the year. Great players and streamers from across the world such as Baumi, singsing, AdmiralBulldog, and Gorc, play the custom game on a daily basis. Perhaps it’s only mere hype created by this interesting and innovative game mode, or maybe we will soon be seeing serious competitions of Dota Auto Chess.

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