TI9 Battle Pass Arrives

The 2018-2019 is about to come to an end and to prepare for the TI9 Valve released the Battle Pass less than 24 hours ago. The pass is full of exciting content that you is surely worth investing your money.

The 2019 Battle is not like the previous ones that had just some cosmetics, in-game items and add-ons. It brings new rewards, challenges, consumables, features and exciting now mode. It will surely keep you glued to your screen before the start of the main event of the TI9.

New Modes!

The most interesting feature of the pass is the addition of the new game mode, Wrath of the Mo’rokai. In the game, you will first have to look for ways and resources to feed of special beasts before they wake up. After that, you will have to battle your opponent to see which side is the strongest. If you are someone who is not interested in fighting all the time then we recommend you to check another mode called Jungle Expedition. It aims to provide an interesting experience to the community.

If you are don’t want to play either of the two mentioned modes then Valve has introduced a Coach’s Challenge mode. This is a very beneficial mode for the entire Dota 2 community since it provides the opportunity to high ranked players to coach lower division players. Since its launch less than 24 hours ago, it has received a lot of fixes and changes. This mode also comes with its very own dedicated leaderboard.

Thank you, Coach’s Challenge ! from r/DotA2

New Features!

A Party Finder feature has also been introduced in the game. It will enable you to add your friends or other players that you have commanded. When you turn on this feature you will likely to be joined by teammates who had a good experience playing along your side.

There is also an inverse feature it means that you can also use it to avoid the player you have previously reported. This is one of the best additions to the game that we have seen in the past years.

Know Your Opponents

The Battle Pass also comes with a new Versus Screen at the start of the matches. It will show the best player of the two teams that have made respectable in-game achievements. It will also show the tournaments won by the two players before the start of the match. At the end of the games, the players can also pick their team’s MVP. The number of MVPs won will also feature on the player’s Versus Screen profile.

Apart from all of these exciting new features, the Battle Pass comes with the old ranked roles, in-game tips, and wagering. The players can also enjoy banners, taunts, collectibles, and new consumables. There are also new challenges that come with exciting rewards.

The basic Battle Pass can be purchased for just $9.99. For $29.35 you can get 50 levels while the 100 level pass can be purchased for $44.99.

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