Group Stage ends and playoff pairing of the TI9 revealed!

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The final matches of The International 2019 group stage were held on 18th August. The results of the day determined the seeding of the playoffs that will take place on 20th August. Ninjas in Pajamas were eliminated after losing to Infamous. Meanwhile made to the top bracket, and Team Liquid had to settle for the lower bracket. Let’s have a comprehensive look at the details.

The fall of NiP

Before the start of the championship, Ninjas in Pajamas were predicted to at least finish the top 12. But the plane didn’t play out on the big stage. The EU sid lost to, OG and Natus Vincere. In theory, NiP could have clung to the lower bracket if they had won against Royal Never Give Up, but were comprehensively outplayed in the 0-2 defeat. Meanwhile the 1-1 results against Fnatic and Vici Gaming did not affect the position of Peter ppd Dager’s team in the standings.

Liquid continue to struggle

Before the start of the fourth day of the group stage, five teams competed for the last two places in the top bracket – Newbee.TI9, TNC Predator, Alliance, Mineski and Team Liquid. In such a situation, Dota 2 fans expected a triumphant return of Liquid but the Philippine side had other ideas. TNC Predator demolished Liquid 0-2 to fight for the right of claiming a spot in the upper bracket.

In 2017 Team Liquid raised Aegis due to the individual brilliance of GH and MinD_ContRoL. Fast forwarding to TI9, the team clearly lacks the quality of the past seasons. The side replaced MATUMBAMAN with w33 and benefited from the exchange only during the “honeymoon period”at the EPICENTER Major 2019. Now at The International, the team starts the playoffs in the lower bracket against Fnatic.

Virtus.Pro is back!

Virtus.Pro finally managed to score enough points to get into the top bracket. In the first two days, VP failed to live up to the expectations. They lost Natus Vincere, Vici Gaming and OG, and also shared points with Infamous. On the final day, The CIS side tied a series with Evil Geniuses and defeated Fnatic. 2: 0. The team took third place in group B and in the first match of the playoffs they will compete with PSG.LGD which will be a replay of the TI7 and TI8.

Playoffs paring revealed

Speaking of replays, the first round pairings of The International 2019 playoffs are almost identical to last year. Evil Geniuses will again compete against. Team Secret. Meanwhile, OG will compete against the new roster VGJ.Storm, which now represents Newbee.TI9.  

The only match in which the pair of participants do not match is the confrontation between Vici Gaming and TNC Predator. Last year, OpTic Gaming and Team Liquid met in the top bracket. This time the side led by Peter ppd Daguer did not qualify for the playoffs. Meanwhile and the team from Europe ended up in the bottom bracket.

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