How TI9 helped a Dota 2 fan forget about losing his sister

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A Reddit user talked about how The International 2019  turned one of the worst days of the year into one of the most exciting. His story is connected with the loss of his sister and a holiday that every year reminds him of this.

The guy lives in India, where Raksha Bandhan is celebrated every year. On this day, women put sacred dressings on their brothers’ hands to protect them from evil forces. The brother, in turn, gives his sister a present and pledges to protect her until the end of her life. This year, the celebration fell on August 15th.

God bless TI and Gabe Newell

Five years ago, the storyteller’s sister died in a car accident. It was hard for him to accept the loss, and every year the holiday reminds of this incident. This year, The International 2019 coincided with the date of the holiday and helped the young man distract himself. According to him, thanks to the tournament, this day was filled with laughter and smiles. He thanked Twitch chat for memes, teams for cool games, and Gabe Newell and Valve for developing Dota 2. 

On to Day 3: OG reign Supreme at TI9

The third day of The International 2019 Dota 2 group stage took place on the 17th of August. While Group Secret and PSG.LGD fought for the top spot in Group A, OG reigned supreme in Group B. The current International champions secured themselves a spot in the upper bracket. 

OG played its match to perfection, brutally dominating their opponents while showcasing very original and unusual drafts. OG is the only team in this tournament to win a game with Troll Warlord. He was picked five times in the three days of the TI group stage. Yet it was only Anathan “ana” Fam who was able to secure a win for his side with the hero.

Ana the best carry

Ana also played Io in carry position on three maps. He picked the hero against NiP, where the Ninjas got off to a good start but failed to catch OG and Ana in the late game. became the second victim of Ana’s Io carry. The CIS team surrendered in 20 minutes. OG opponents have to seriously study this team if they plan to stop it on its way to their second consecutive TI championship.

Will Natus Vincere stay in the top 4?

The main disappointment for CIS fans on the third day of the group stage of The International 2019 was two defeats for Natus Vincere in a row. The squad started the tournament much better than many expected, as they didn’t lose any series’ against some of the strongest teams. On the 3rd day, NAVI will go up against Vici Gaming, where a victory will surely help their team to redeem itself in the tournament.

The International 2019 takes place from August 15 to 25 in Shanghai. The prize pool of the championship has already exceeded $33 million and continues to grow due to sales of Battle Pass.

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