Highlights of the day four of the TI9 playoffs

Interesting events took place on the fourth day of the playoffs. Aside from the action, Valve revealed a new hero and the prize of the show-match was stolen by Dendi. Let’s have a look at what happened besides the usual action. 

Snapfire joins the Dota 2 world

Valve introduced the new hero in Dota 2. The character’s name is Snapfire. Judging by the presentation, the old lady is Timbersaw’s Aunt, who is capable of riding a huge lizard. She will arrive in the game in fall 2019.

Snapfire was introduced on August 23 during the series betweenEvil Geniuses and Team Liquid. The developers showed a small animation clip about the hero, but did not highlight her abilities. Yet we were able to get hints of her powers from the presentation video. Firstly, the character will be with a ranged. Secondly, one of the abilities will provide buffs to allies through cookies that Snapfire lovingly prepared at the beginning of the video for each hero. 

Apparently, Snapfire is not your buffed young hero like Mars. Yet the appearance of the hero is quite synonymous to Maz Kanata from the universe of Star Wars. Like Snapfire, Kanata is an active old woman who is full of life. She might seem weak but in fact she is a force to be reckoned with. In addition to Snapfire, Batrider and Timbersaw also appeared in the video.

Dendi steals All-Stars prize

One of the most interesting show matches in the history of the game took place at The International 2019. This time around the competitors were picked not by crowd voting, but by fantasy points. The game took place in an All-Random Mode. The Radiant included: Amer “Miracle”- al-Barkawi -, Timothy “Tims” Randrap, Michal “Nisha” Jankowski, Lou “Somnus”丶M Yao and Johan “pieliedie” Åström. The Dire was represented by: Roman “RAMZEs” Kushnarev, Akbar “SoNNeikO” Butaev, Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan, Mike “miCKe” Nguyen and Jian “Shen” Dy Chong.

Both sides wasted no time and immediately went on the offensive. The first skirmish took place in the mid lane, before the creeps spawn. This specific area of the map was the centre of attention since no one wanted to go to the side lanes. The match was won by Dire, owing to the impressive performance by SoNNeiKo, who got 16 kills. He was clinical in his teams 4-0 win.

Dendi caught!

The prize was no different from previous years, as it was a piece of cheese. After celebrating the victory, Dire players did not take it away and were happy to share it with the Chinese casters.

Dendi did not put up with this: he quietly crept up to the prize, stole it and carried it to the English studio. The crime was noticed by several thousand spectators in the stands and numerous cameras. But no one was offended by this, and English-speaking analysts were even happy since Ishutin was kind enough to share the stolen cheese.

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