Tickets For TI9 Are Up For Sale

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Tickets for TI9 will be up for sale on May 24. Valve has prepared a list of recommendations that will help the community to get the tickets without any problems. The organizers also reminded that the Dota 2 fans who are not Chinese citizens, should get a visa in advance.

The Main Event of The International 2019 will be held at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai, China, from 20 to 25 August. 12 best teams of Dota Pro Circuit rating will qualify the Dota 2 World Championship. Rest of the six slots will be allocated to the winners of regional qualifiers. About 18 thousand fans will be able to see their favorite teams competing for supremacy at the Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Arena.

How to buy tickets for The International 2019?

For Dota 2 fans who have early access, ticket sales will begin on May 24. Chinese citizens can purchase them at and at Those who do not have early access will have to wait for one hour after the early access. Valve advises to register on the sites and log into accounts before the sale starts. So that they will have a less chance of encountering technical problems.

How to get an early access code and where to find it?

Dota 2 users who had a Battle Pass or a Dota Plus subscription by May 21 may find the early access code in the Dota 2 client.

How many times can the code be used?

When purchasing through, the code can only be used in one transaction (maximum five tickets of each category). There is no shopping cart in, so different ticket packages require separate transactions. The code can be used for three transactions (maximum of two tickets of each category).

What are the categories of tickets?

In total, three types of tickets will be available, each is designed for two days of the tournament. A ticket for Tuesday, August 20 to Wednesday, August 21 costs 499 yuan. Ticket for Thursday, August 22 to Friday, August 23 costs 499 yuan. Ticket for the final days – Saturday, August 24th tp Sunday, August 25th costs 2,099 yuan.

How will the seating in the arena be organized?

You cannot select any seat in the hall: Each ticket will indicate the specific seat in the arena, which will be assigned at the time of purchase. You cannot choose a place yourself, but you will have the option to choose between the upper and lower stands.

Can I return a ticket?

Tickets purchased through can be returned no later than 60 days before the event. Tickets purchased through are non-refundable.

I bought a ticket – where can I get it?

Citizens of China will be able to choose between mailing tickets to the address that they will enter on at the time of purchase. Or to receive tickets at Will Call stations at Mercedes-Benz Arena at certain dates and times. The rest will be able to pick up tickets only at Will Call stations at the Mercedes-Benz Arena at certain dates and times. For receipt, it is necessary to present a passport.

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